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Verizon Plans To Launch a Palm Smartphone Later This Year ( 45

Verizon is planning on launch a Palm-branded smartphone later this year, an anonymous source told Android Police. The rumor backs up what a TCL executive said last August, when they confirmed that the company would launch a Palm phone this year. From the report: Sadly, we don't know anything about the phone itself at this time (well, we know it runs Android), but the fact that TCL is working with Verizon is telling. The carrier was a longtime Palm partner, selling most of the brand's webOS handsets all the way through the Pre 2. Verizon had intended to carry the ill-fated Pre 3, but the phone was cancelled by Palm's then-buyer HP before it could be released in the U.S. TCL acquired the rights to the Palm name back in 2015, and it's starting to get something of a reputation for reviving dead and dying brands: the Chinese firm manufactures BlackBerry handsets, which have received a surprising amount of attention in the mainstream press.
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Verizon Plans To Launch a Palm Smartphone Later This Year

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  • Will this one cost $1000 so Lying Executives can play games on it instead of working too?

    • Will this one cost $1000 so Lying Executives can play games on it instead of working too?

      Yes and no.
      Yes, it'll be $1000.
      No, they won't be playing games on it.
      It's called a "Palm". They'll be playing with other things.

    • Guess what life was better when you were the ages of 15-25. That age you have enough freedom to do most things you want to do, while you have little responsibilities that hold you back. Because you do not have to pay living expenses either off of a college loan or still living with your parents. That minimum wage job was enough for you to save up and buy that coolest toy that you wanted to get. Being this gadget you bought with saving up money and working hard, meant a lot to you. And obviously it was the

  • by supernova87a ( 532540 ) <.kepler1. .at.> on Wednesday March 28, 2018 @11:37PM (#56345039)
    Why anyone who has even a little knowledge and self-respect would buy a phone launched by a carrier in this era is beyond me. I will excuse people who cannot afford better or don't know better.

    As public utilities, history (and experience) shows that carriers are nothing but businesses designed to get their cut of profit on a necessary service, with no sense of responsibility or care about the product, customer experience, or even technical interest in developing anything beyond the bare minimum necessary to carry the basic service without their network crashing (or customers complaining / shaming them above a certain level).

    They are not paid to invest in good products, and it shows. Ever heard of an AT&T or Verizon chief product designer? No you haven't, because there is none.

    And that's why you get phones that are unsupported 1 year after product launch, have the worst user interface ever conceived by humans, are ugly as fuck, and so insecure that you'd be grateful for Facebook to manage the privacy protections. Enjoy sending off emails with the signature "Sent from my 4G LTE Verizon Droid".
    • It is a simple business model. Find the cheapest Chinese phone and put a once well known brand name on it. Sell to gullible consumers at a huge markup for as long as you can get away with before people realise it is a lemon.
  • "What the fuck is a Palm device?", asked anyone born after 1985.
  • Early April fools jokes are low.

  • They can toss around the Palm trademark if they think it gets them a marketing advantage, but it isn't a Palm if:

    1. It doesn't have a Dragonball (68xxx type) processor.
    2. Won't run for a week or so on two AAA batteries.
    3. Doesn't sync to a Windows PC with an application on the Windows PC where you can zip up the folder and transport the zipfile to any other Windows PC, unzip there and restore to any Palm device by syncing it to the Palm device.
    4, Doesn't have three or four tight apps that do the important P

    • You can add hacker friendliness / large indy dev communities to the list.

      Even at the time of Parlm Pre and webOS, although it didn't feature week-long battery life (since back the move to beefier ARMs PalmOS devices)
      and since it was heavily reliant on cloud instead of simple sync (since webOS) and not tightly integrated PIM apps (again since webOS),
      it was still a very open device that you could hack as much as you could want.

      This thing will probably be the run-of-the-mill "No you're not allow to flash Linea

  • *Face-palm*?
    My guess is a generic Android phone with "Palm" slapped on the back.
    Maybe even a startscreen and wallpaper with the logo!
  • with the Palm branding? those corporations are stupid why spend billions on a stupid brand name, Palm is dead, and its been dead so long there is no flesh left on the bone to revive
  • Is it some kind of smaller phone or a different form factor that easily fits in your palm?

  • A Verizon-exclusive anything will be a personal data sucking machine that would've made the East Germans give a national slow-clap for its audacity.


  • No Way. Single best feature of the Palm universe.

    Even swiping is imperfect. Gimme Graffiti strokes and I'm more productive. NTM keyboards are so 90s and BBish. But I'm not quite ready to buy a fresh 3310 and go to T9. That's what I would do to punish the FD...

  • > Verizon is planning on launch a Palm-branded smartphone later this year

    Yeah, because \the world needs *another* OS *after* peak-smartphone.

    My kid slammed my iPhone 6 onto the hardwood, repeatedly, until it got the dreaded "Touch Disease". I still haven't bothered to replace it.

    So, good luck with that, Verizon.

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