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Reddit Is Bringing Promoted Posts To Its Mobile Apps ( 43

Reddit is reportedly launching native promoted posts for its mobile apps. "The company said in an email to advertisers that its apps are the most popular way its 330 million monthly active users access Reddit content on mobile, and they now account for 41 percent of time spent on Reddit across all platforms," reports Marketing Land. "Logged-in app users also spend 30 percent more time per day than users who log in from desktop, and 80 percent of app users don't access Reddit on desktop, according to the company." From the report: In-app promoted posts will have all the elements of a standard Reddit post, including upvotes, downvotes and comment threads. The native mobile ads will also include comments, which was not possible before on the mobile ads. Native promoted posts will be available on iOS starting Monday, March 19, and will roll out to Android in the coming weeks.
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Reddit Is Bringing Promoted Posts To Its Mobile Apps

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Sounds like a good reason not to use the app.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Reddit was fun while it lasted.

    • Knowing Reddit, any comments badmouthing the sponsored posts will also quickly be down voted to a -20 rating, or whatever else it takes to make the post disappear from the main page.

    • by Mryll ( 48745 )

      It seems that any medium that people find useful for communication will eventually be dominated by spam. It's too easy to produce relative to useful content.

  • ... too, but it needs to buy more than that.

  • New app update appeared just after this announcement. You might find if you don't upgrade the app you won't see these new ads.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Reminder that small niche Reddit subs pull more traffic than all of Slashdot.

    Reminder that single threads in the larger subs pull more traffic than all of Slashdot.

  • by 93 Escort Wagon ( 326346 ) on Wednesday March 14, 2018 @07:12PM (#56262263)

    How long, do you think, before the "downvote" option is removed from these ads?

    I give it 10 days.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Probably not before the ability to comment on the ads is removed. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?! I mean, its one thing to think "It'll be fine if a competitor comments, it'll make them look scared or weak to consumers" but Jeebus H Motherlovin Keerist Reddit is literally the second home of the Troll Nation after 4Chan.

      This is like intentionally hiring pedophiles to teach at your new elementary school and advertising the fact you did so. Everyone sees the disaster coming and yet somehow you stil

  • Look deep into any mobile OS and work out a way to protect users from having big brand content pushed into their devices.
    The more a big brand attempts to make a user do something the more fun it becomes to return the GUI to the real device owner.
  • Like convince me to buy an iphone or some other phone or game or whatever else

  • In-app promoted posts will have all the elements of a standard Reddit post, including upvotes, downvotes and comment threads.

    They had those on desktop for a while. It never goes the way the advertiser intends to and so they shut off comments and voting.

  • As long as the ads aren't obtrusive, I don't see this as a bad thing. The site needs to pay its staff and for server time.

  • There are lots of Reddit apps. A lot of them are free and adless, and have at least as many features as the app made by Reddit itself.

    If the official app starts including unblockable ads, that will just encourage people to start using Apollo or Narwhal instead, or one of the other several dozen clones.

  • And site's wonder why I want to browse their sites on the web no matter how much they push their app. And more often than not the desktop site thank you.

  • Has for more than a few years now.

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