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Microsoft Is Killing Off Skype WiFi Service (betanews.com) 47

Mark Wilson, writing for BetaNews: Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue its Skype WiFi service as of March 31. The global retirement of the service is to allow the company to focus on "core Skype features." Skype WiFi allows for paid Internet access through hotspots around the world, and is something that proved quite popular with travelers looking to minimize data roaming charges. After the cut-off date, Skype WiFi will no longer be available, and the various mobile apps will no longer act as a hotspot finder.
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Microsoft Is Killing Off Skype WiFi Service

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Really it's awful; and as of march the old UI clients are going to be no longer functional.

  • ....Windows world? Apple's iMessage works seamlessly, They could have integrated Skype into Win10 and made it just as seamless.

    • they've done exactly that on Windows 10 phone
      • by swimboy ( 30943 )

        I'm not trying to start a flame war, but Windows phones occupy less than 0.1% of the smartphone market. And where they have the lion's share of the market, they don't integrate. Apple has integrated iMessage into all desktops, laptops, iPods, iPhones, and Apple Watches so that it's seamless, and it's tied to your identity, not your phone number. It even plays nice with SMS. You don't realize how convenient it is until you use it, but getting an SMS notification on your computer screen, and being able to cli

        • I completely understand the issue with Winphone market share, it is what it is though. AC asked why MS hasn't done the iMessage thing with Skype, when they have in fact done so. Not being aware of it doesn't make it untrue. When I use my winphone, I get the SMS functionality that you describe. I'm not defending the platform otherwise, in fact I'm likely switching to a Pixel next month for exactly the market share reasons you refer to.
          • by johanw ( 1001493 )

            It depends very much on where you are. The US is the only country where iOS has a large market share, and most plans offer unlimited or huge numbers of sms, so that might explain the popularity of iMessage. In Europe, sms was quite expensive until recently and mms was very expensive, so noone wants to risk sending lots of sms messages just because a contact does not have an iPhone. WhatsApp became the defacto standard and now sms prices have fallen but the telco's were too late. In other countries, especial

  • something that proved quite popular with travelers looking to minimize data roaming charges

    Seriously? Most places (bar maybe Australia) have so much free wifi available, the Skype wifi popup was just annoying. Seems like maybe a good move by Microsoft.

    • And if you are travelling, get a "Three" prepay SIM from the UK, there are no roaming charges for most countries you want to travel to and its a damn sight cheaper than trying to buy a prepay for those countries. We bought one, threw it into the iPad and was able to use it via wifi tethering for the other devices we had with us.
      This worked out MUCH cheaper than the crappy wifi we were offered for a fee is US hotels

      "roaming" charges are a collusion between the carriers to screw over users with excessive
    • bar maybe Australia

      Out of date comment there.

      • by Malc ( 1751 )

        No, I don't think so, although admittedly last year the shopping malls I went in seemed to be finally offering free wifi which saved me having to stand outside the Apple Store. I visit Australia a lot and it's irritating. Even my in-laws get jumpy about turning on personal hotspots and the cost of data. It just generally adds to cost of an expensive country.

        • Shopping malls, bars, restaurants, pubs. Seriously look around. The entire city may not be blanketed enough for an interruption free Pokémon go game but if you're not getting enough WiFi then you're not looking for WiF.

      • Um, which Australia do you live in? Where I spend time (including the nation's capital) we're in the digital 3rd world. Maybe I'm just bitter about the aborted NBN.

        • With broadband speeds (hahah the oxymoron) I would agree. Actually no I wouldn't. There are plenty of 3rd world places with better internet. But directly back at the original point which was the proliferation of WiFi, seriously if you're in Sydney and you can't find a free WiFi hotspot then you're not looking. .. or eating. Or staying anywhere. Or going out at all.

          But maybe all that eating and sleeping basics isn't for you. Maybe you just want to bum on the beach (both beaches have fee WiFi), or you want cu

          • Even the "free" hotspots have ridiculously low data caps. Or are out of order. Or they break for no reason halfway through a session. Or they leak data/personal information like a sieve. Pro tip: shopping centres don't provide wifi because they like you.

            And as for beaches, I hope those were typos. "Both" beaches? There are more than two. And did you mean "fRee" or that you pay a fee for wifi access?

            • Nope. As far as tourists are concerned there's only two beaches at Sydney. If you want to figure out which they are, look for the two that you can barely walk across without falling over someone in summer.

              For us locals there are many beaches but given that we're locals I highly doubt we'd be complaining about lack of wifi there.

              As for limits and your complaints, they are nothing to do with the original statement which is that Australia is somehow so far behind every other country in the public wifi realm th

    • My usage of it was exclusively in airports. Especially when traveling internationally, Skype Wifi was highly convenient for getting a new minutes of network access. No need to register with Boingo, Bongo, Dingo or whatever the hell operator the airport authority sold their wifi operation to. No need to sign up for "unlimited 7-day access" when I was only going to be in the country for an hour.

  • T-Mobile has free roaming!

    • T-Mobile has free roaming!

      Sure, until the electronic leash breaks, which, where I am would be often.

    • Yay, I can have a phone that can't get reception domestic AND abroad!

  • Seriously I never saw the point of it. Regardless of where I was, Australia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Vietnam, China, India ... I've always found free WiFi pretty much wherever I go.

    It was a solution either looking for a problem, or more traditionally in the Microsoft sense, 5 years too late to the party.

  • The global retirement of the service is to allow the company to focus on "core Skype features."


    The global retirement of the service is to allow the company to find new ways to mine your data and monitor your conversations.

    I knew Skype was going to turn to pure shit the moment I heard Microsoft was buying them, it was only a matter of time.

    • by PPH ( 736903 )

      mine your data and monitor your conversations

      Microsoft clients can do that regardless of what physical protocol you use to connect to the Internet. My guess is that the telecoms don't like free WiFi bypassing their service. And Microsoft has some reason to play nicely with them (Yet another run at Windows Phone?)

      In the perfect world, clients shouldn't need to know how they are connected so long as the bandwidth, latency and QoS are sufficient to support the application layer.

      • by rtb61 ( 674572 )

        Free WiFi bypassing, hmm, exactly how, auto magically I expect. The WiFi point holder pays for the internet access and the holder of that WiFi point simply allows you access to their bought and paid for internet connection. M$ is as greedy as fuck and likely wanted to cut those WiFi point providers out of access to you, without M$ being able to charge for it. Basically M$ wants to charge all other companies for any access to you, any kind of digital access, they want a percentage, like trolls charging tolls

  • Don't use or rely on Microsoft products and services because sooner or later they will cut it off. ~Angry FoxPro Developer

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