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iFixit Tears Down the New Moto X, So You Don't Have To 52

iFixit's been breaking devices and voiding warranties for years now; latest on their chopping block is the new Moto X from Motorola, a phone hawked as much for its customizability and place of manufacture (the U.S.) as for anything else. You might expect a highly hyped, ultra-customizable phone to be made of high-end components and ultra-repairable as well. iFixit's teardown commentary has both some good and only-middlin' things to say about the innards, but very little bad. They call out the highly modular headphone jack, and say "a considerable amount of effort went in to the internal design of this device; the number of clips and contacts we've found so far is a great testament to that."
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iFixit Tears Down the New Moto X, So You Don't Have To

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  • Nobody "fixes" their devices anymore so all these teardowns are more like device pornography then serving any real benefit.

    Nobody keeps a device for more than a year, and even if they do most people "secretly" want their 2 year old device to break down so they can find an excuse to replace it.

    All the BS about repairability is stupid. The reason why these things are sealed these days is so people don't go out an buy 3rd party "enhanced" batteries to usage time that turn the phone or tablet into a bomb.


    • by GuB-42 ( 2483988 )

      Samsung manages removable batteries quite well.
      Also, while most batteries can last for more than two years, they gradually decrease in capacity. Interestingly, people often blame software updates for the resulting decrease in battery life. By providing user replaceable batteries, it is possible to get back to full capacity and use the old battery as a spare. I did this for my last two phones.
      As for Li-ion batteries that actually wore out and got replaced, it happened on 3 devices : an MP3 player, a laptop a

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