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Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Simulator 4.0 With Test Receipts 41

An anonymous reader writes "As promised, Mozilla today announced the release of Firefox OS Simulator 4.0 with a focus on developers who want to make money in the Firefox Marketplace. You can download the new version now for Windows, Mac, and Linux from Mozilla Add-Ons. First and foremost, the new simulator supports test receipts for paid apps: each app's dashboard features a drop-down menu where you can select a receipt type. Choosing one of these will have the simulator add-on downloading a test receipt from a Marketplace receipt service and reinstalling the app using it. This lets developers test receipt verification with whatever receipts types they may require (valid, invalid, and refunded)."
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Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Simulator 4.0 With Test Receipts

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  • So, now, we will have Blackberry and a few OSes.. IOS, Android of various flavors and Firefox OS.
    The more the merrier!
    I will say this however, the fact that you can develop using the Firefox Browser where the OS is added as an add-on does at the very least make things easier for us coders.
    • People keep on getting confused by the name of "Firefox OS". It's not an OS in a browser. It's not just a browser with an app store for the plugins/extensions, like Chrome OS either. It's a full featured Linux kernel based operating system. You can probably compare it best to Badoo, Maemo and Android.
  • Does the world really need another 'App Store Platform'?
    • I'm happy. The more the merrier. People who grew up in the Microsoft-dominated era of personal computing don't remember how much fun it was to have many PC choices. The phone market is like that now.

  • If you find any bugs, would like to request any features, or want to help out by contributing to some open source code, please let us know in our issue tracker [1]. The beauty of open source is that you have the ability to affect the trajectory of the project! [1] []
  • I'm looking for this information all around. I'm wondering is Gunk/Gaia (parts of Firefox OS) open source, will I be able to modify it on my Firefox OS phone? Or did they sell out to carriers?
    • by Lennie ( 16154 )

      It is, not only that, I think the split between developed by Mozilla and the community is 60%/40%, I just don't remeber which had the larger share.

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