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Nuance Launches Siri Rival "Nina" 87

redletterdave writes "Siri can send texts and emails, set alarms and reminders, surf the Web, ask questions, place calls, play music, and get directions. But would you trust Siri, or any of her similar rivals out there for Android, to pay your bank bill? Or report a lost card? Or set up an auto-payments for your bills? Even if you wanted to do these things, how does Siri even know you are who you say you are? Nuance has clearly thought about what's missing from the voice recognition department, and unveiled its own solution on Monday, called 'Nina.' The Nuance Interactive Natural Assistant, or NINA, is a cloud-based AI that can be enabled in most business and enterprise applications thanks to a set of APIs and an open SDK for iOS and Android. Nuance calls Nina 'a watershed of firsts for virtual assistants,' mainly because she is the 'first [VA] to understand what is said and who said it' using voice-ID authentication software. Unlike Siri, Nina can help users manage their bank accounts, book flights and hotels, oversee and manage their investments, and more."
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Nuance Launches Siri Rival "Nina"

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  • by Feyr ( 449684 ) on Monday August 06, 2012 @05:35PM (#40899479) Journal

    has any non-us speaker actually used a nuance product (or any other voice recognition engine)?

    none of them deal with even the slightest accent. hell they can't even get me the proper number when asking for a a contact on my phone, nuance can't even understand when i say "call" and often try to do a search on some garbled text

    how they ever expect to be trusted for critical financial stuff is beyond me

  • Re:Vapour (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 06, 2012 @06:08PM (#40899745)

    NINA isn't an app. It isn't a direct competition for SIRI. It *is* an SDK for companies
    to use when making apps. This isn't a generic app that you plug into any random
    bank app/website - it is for BofA to use inside their Banking App which is then
    downloaded specifically by BofA customers. And Travelocity can embed the functionality
    into their travel app, etc.

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