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White Space Radio To Be Tested In Cambridge 32

judgecorp writes "White space radio, the technology which could provide broadband networks by using TV spectrum more efficiently, will be tested in Cambridge. A consortium including Microsoft, BT and the BBC will check the technology does not interfere with TV, and test it for mobile broadband and telemetry. The regulator, Ofcom, has already set out likely terms for legalising white space radio and seems on track to approve it soon."
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White Space Radio To Be Tested In Cambridge

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  • The use of white space radio has been proposed in the US, but has mired in arguments.

    Maybe if the Brits can pull this off, we'll see some limited trials in the US soon...maybe.

    • at least the terminology is already US-based, pg. 14 [ofcom.org.uk] explains the changed wording from 'cognitive devices' to 'white space devices' with

      In the US the term WSDs has become common usage and we see no value in having different terminology for the same device.

      A rational and straight-forward motivation issued by a public authority? I'm *shocked*

  • Too much money at stake for high-stakes players. They'll saw off a couple of corners to make it fit.
  • And like the power meter monitoring devices and intra-house networking over power cabling the devices emissions will stick to their allocated spectrum like a politician sticks to their promises.

    Amateur radio was a fun hobby while it lasted. But Ofcom is leading the charge worldwide in killing it off (or at least forcing Hams into using only high power SDR digital modes). It is fun when Hams have to pass a test, pay a license fee, stuck with specially licensed equipment, legally required not to cause interfe

    • Okay, say good bye to all your wifi, you do know that the 2.45 GHz band is a ham primary band. 2, Ofcom was the first to ditch licence fees. Low power morse, or multi frequencies modes are still in use and are great for low power, one can bust through most interference without the need of major power.
      • Uhh, Hi. Yeah. Sorry, The 12cm/13cm band is 2.3-2.31Ghz and 2.39-2.45Ghz. It doesn't overlap the entire ISM allocation. People are still welcome to use channel 11 on their wifi routers... or use those fancy 5GHz radios.

  • by royallthefourth ( 1564389 ) <royallthefourth@gmail.com> on Tuesday June 28, 2011 @08:09AM (#36595194)

    Why are they broadcasting country music into space??

    • by kat_skan ( 5219 )

      Because the only known safe way to dispose of country music is to dump it into the sun.

  • In case the rest of you [wikipedia.org] got your hopes us.

  • I see a huge potential problem lurking with whitespace devices. What happens when additional licensed broadcasters come along and the whitespaces that these devices are counting on are no longer available? There will be a large installed base of users who will suddenly be very unhappy...

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