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Apple's IPhone 3G Firmware Update Bombs 423

JagsLive writes "After lots of complaints about iPhone 3G connection issues, Apple released a firmware update Monday with hopes it would fix the issues. But early reports suggest it didn't work as planned. Complaints have included dropped calls, abrupt network switches, poor reception, and service interruptions. Apple declined to offer details about its iPhone 2.0.1 update, other than saying it included 'bug fixes.' However, comments in Apple's support forum say plenty about the latest attempt to rectify poor user experiences. In fact, the update seems to be causing new issues, apparently interfering with the GPS function, among others."
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Apple's IPhone 3G Firmware Update Bombs

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  • by xmas2003 ( 739875 ) * on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:40AM (#24673565) Homepage
    Sounds more and more like a hardware issue with the chipset ... so early adopters are may end up suffering ... be interesting to see if they "quietly" roll out a Rev 2 or publicly announce it.
    • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:48AM (#24673737)

      Not at all. Just reduce the "number of bars" shown in the user interface and make the phone lose connection predictably at a higher threshold. Problem fixed.

    • Tough to fix hardware issue with firmware patch

      Tweak the firmware so the hardware issues are less obvious. Drop to edge quicker.

    • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:33AM (#24674619)

      It's fortunate that there's a 30 day return policy. I returned my iPhone 3G at 29 days and went back to Verizon and got a Blackerry Curve. Though the Blackberry doesn't have as nice of an interface, it's much more stable. In the argument of stability vs usablity, stability wins. I had a friend who also returned his. I'm not sure how many more will return theirs, but I don't feel like taking chances with my $200.

  • 2.0.1? (Score:5, Informative)

    by Whiney Mac Fanboy ( 963289 ) * <> on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:41AM (#24673579) Homepage Journal

    The crap linked article doesn't even get the version number right - I recommend reading ars techinca's take [] (the amusingly named Hope you didn't plan to actually make calls on iPhone 2.0.2) or even Apple insider. []

    I for one welcome our new haha overlords.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    First it's a kill switch, and then when that didn't work, they made the iPhones into bombs. What next? iPhones that leak chemical/nuclear/biological weapons?

  • Obligatory... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by initdeep ( 1073290 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:43AM (#24673619)

    "Just Works" post.....

    Interestingly, I find it fairly insightful to see how the great unwashed masses are complaining about this, yet, for the most part, Apple is getting a "free pass" from pundit's, media, and most of the public because of past marketing.

    What would the reaction have been if this was some other company?

    Just a though that rattles around in my brain.

    • Re:Obligatory... (Score:5, Insightful)

      by ByOhTek ( 1181381 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:47AM (#24673719) Journal

      Well, if it were MS, there would be a 'defectivebydesign' tag already

    • Re:Obligatory... (Score:5, Interesting)

      by kannibal_klown ( 531544 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:50AM (#24673767)

      It's pretty sad that the 3G iPhone is running into problems. Especially since it has such high visibility due to everyone wanting one.

      Actually, if this was any other cellphone company you would just get some bad reviews on a hardware site... and that's it. The fact that it's Apple means that it is appearing in more mainstream media.

      Oh no, the Nokia xxxx is dropping calls left and right. Yawn. Oh no the Razor isn't great. Yawn.

      Umm there's a problem with the iPho... OMG! CNN needs to cover this!

      I've had/used cellphones that were pieces of garbage; dropped calls, poor reception, etc.

      I guess that's the problem with a re-design; had they just refreshed the original iPhone there would be few technical glitches. But rolling out a new circuit board is causing them some headaches.

      • Re:Obligatory... (Score:5, Insightful)

        by Doddman ( 953998 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:57AM (#24673929)

        The reason this one is getting so much press is Apple's "It Just Works" campaign. They're saying it just works, and when it turns out to not "just work", it's a pretty big issue.

      • Re:Obligatory... (Score:5, Insightful)

        by snl2587 ( 1177409 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:02AM (#24674023)

        It's pretty sad that the 3G iPhone is running into problems. Especially since it has such high visibility due to everyone wanting one.

        But the real kicker is that this is Apple's own hardware. I can understand when Microsoft's updates fail (at least to some extent) because of the multitude of different machines trying to run the software. But Apple owns the specs and built the machines. To me, failed software updates from them are inexcusable, but likely the fault of the bean-counters with MBA's (I like that expression for some reason, but I can't remember who to attribute it to) pushing out the update too fast.

        Based on other comments, I get the impression that this news is a little outdated, and I know that anti-Apple statements are a sure-fire way to get modded down. But please: consider all the factors of Apple products, especially if Apple insists on preventing other companies from writing OSes for their devices.

        • Re:Obligatory... (Score:5, Insightful)

          by kannibal_klown ( 531544 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:11AM (#24674201)

          First, I don't have an iPhone nor do I plan on getting one. And while I use a MacBook Pro at home I'm not a zealot... I've had tech issues with my Apple products.

          Apple isn't perfect. They have the occasional hardware issue with their rev A systems and a poor OS update here and there. As a whole their systems are usually pretty darn stable, but they still get major issues.

          Heck, I was suffering with a known keyboard issue on my MacBook Pro for a year before they fixed it. A year.

          But in their defense, they're still somewhat new to the Cellphone arena. Sure, this is their second phone and some of the insides are similar to the iPod touch, but they're still new. It's like if a Car designer was asked to design and build a great riding lawn mower. They'd make one, but their first 2 models might have issues.

          Meanwhile, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, etc have been pumping out Cellphones for a while and have gone through their growing pains. They know what to avoid when designing hardware and what to do when sending out a software update. And yet with all of this neither they are perfect.

          I've had issues with cellphones from other companies, and know some people that experience MAJOR issues with other cellphones. It happens.

          Here's hoping that third time's a charm.

          • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

            by danomac ( 1032160 )
            My previous cellular provider went and got me mad enough to switch. I looked at several types of phones capable of scheduling and whatnot, including Blackberry offerings, the iPhone, and a Samsung phone. My old phone was a Windows Mobile based phone which would randomly do odd things (backlight would flake out - required messing around with no backlight to go reset something in the control panel, and it would randomly just lock up and I'd have to remove the battery) so after finding out Samsung's device ran
      • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

        by Lostlander ( 1219708 )
        Well it's my opinion if your release gets major news coverage then your mistakes and bad software should as well. After all if millions of people got told how wonderful your new phone is then I think they should also get told how terrible your new patch is. I think it's only fair that they reap what they sow so to speak.
      • Re:Obligatory... (Score:5, Insightful)

        by saintm ( 142527 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:16AM (#24674291)

        You don't get the mainstream press interested in a new phone being released, but they were all out for the iPhone.

        Live by the sword and all that.

      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by MobyDisk ( 75490 )

        Apple also doesn't release 50 different models of something all at once, with seemingly random numbers identifying them. At any given moment I can find 10 models of Nokia phones in any store. They all have completely different designs, and it is unclear which ones are better than others. There's no iPhone 7649, iPhone 5486, iPhone 8764e, etc. And Apple won't completely redesign the iPhone and release 10 more models in 3 months. And they won't sell the same models under 3 other names with yet different m

        • Re:Obligatory... (Score:4, Informative)

          by Achromatic1978 ( 916097 ) < minus berry> on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @12:33PM (#24675985)
          The Nokia model numbers are generally fairly logical to deduce (though could always be easier).
          • 1000 series - Ultrabasic series
          • 2000 series - Basic series
          • 3000 series - Expression series
          • 5000 series - Active series
          • 6000 series - Classic Business series
          • 7000 series - Fashion and Experimental series
          • 8000 series - Premium series
          • 9000 series - Communicator series (discontinued)
          • E series - Enterprise series
          • N series - Multimedia Computer series

          Within each series, typically, the higher the number, the better, newer the model.

          And they won't sell the same models under 3 other names with yet different model numbers: an AT&T version, a Sprint version, and a Verizon version.

          No, but if they ever did it cross-platform they'd end up with the iPhone Sprint, instead. Hint: this joke is an affectation of the carrier, not the manufacturer, either wanting custom firmware or using different radio frequencies. So unless you want either a) to stick with one carrier for your phone offering, or b) are planning on getting a six-plus band radio installed in it, whoever you are, you'll be making different models for the US carriers. It's a sad travesty that any other tri/quad band phone can work with every other carrier on the planet (leaving aside GSM vs CDMA etc), yet you can't get a GSM phone in the US that'll work on all US GSM networks, everywhere (pockets of [unique]mhz coverage only).

    • Re:Obligatory... (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Goaway ( 82658 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:03AM (#24674057) Homepage

      Apple is getting a "free pass" from pundit's, media, and most of the public because of past marketing.

      It's always "marketing", isn't it? It certainly isn't that people buy their products and honestly like them.

    • by turtleAJ ( 910000 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:13AM (#24674237)

      "Just Works" post.....

      Stop mocking Apple d00d...
      I'm posting this from my updated iPhone, and obviou

    • You think they're getting a free pass? I've seen at least 5 articles touching on this in the past week, and several from here. Then you've got the few articles that make it to AP feeds and go from there.

      I think your definition of free pass differs from reality. But hey, if you want it so, you can just claim so on slashdot and everyone believes you.

    • re: a free pass? (Score:3, Interesting)

      by King_TJ ( 85913 )

      Actually, I chalked it up to a little bit of journalistic integrity. There's no way you can download a new firmware update that has NO description of what was improved/changed in the description (other than "misc. bug fixes"), read about 24-48 hours worth of random comments on forums, and write a good article explaining the "fact" that said upgrade was GOOD or BAD!

      Over on, I was following this update, yesterday, and I got the distinct impression that results were quite mixed. A good percenta

    • Re:Obligatory... (Score:5, Interesting)

      by Lemmy Caution ( 8378 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @12:25PM (#24675821) Homepage

      "Just Works" post.....

      Interestingly, I find it fairly insightful to see how the great unwashed masses are complaining about this, yet, for the most part, Apple is getting a "free pass" from pundit's, media, and most of the public because of past marketing.

      What would the reaction have been if this was some other company?

      Just a though that rattles around in my brain.

      Not only is it "past marketing," it's the clamorous fan-base that sends death-threats to columnists who say negative things about Apple products that make them very reluctant to criticize too quickly.

      The RDF is real. When I used Windows, if something was broken or I needed some application to do something, I would get a range of suggestions and, frequently, sympathetic remarks from other Windows users with the same problems. The attitude from Apple forums is generally that if an Apple product doesn't meet my needs or expectations, there's something wrong with my needs and expectations. There is a lot I like about my MacBook, but I'm getting fed up.

  • by sam_paris ( 919837 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:44AM (#24673641)
    I've been stung before by buying new apple hardware immediately (core duo macbook pro).

    Right now, i'm feeling pretty damn happy I decided to wait on the iphone 3g. I do have an iphone and it works perfectly. I think i'll wait for a few more months before I upgrade to the 3g :)
    • True but the 1st gen iPhone works great. It's the 1st gen 3G iPhone that's the problem. It's also pointless for me since there is no 3G in my town.
    • But i thought the iPhone 3g was supposed to be 2nd gen.

    • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Honestly, why even upgrade to the 3g at all? The old iPhone you have works perfectly for you now. The only thing different about the new iPhone is the 3g, otherwise everything else is the same. I know a few people that rushed out and upgraded to the 3g from their 1st gen iPhones and now they're pissed because it doesn't work as well as the old one. I guess I'm just confused by people who rush out to buy the new phone, which is exactly the same as the old one except for a little bit faster speed, when th

    • by toleraen ( 831634 ) * on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:19AM (#24674331)
      So you were stung before by purchasing brand new apple hardware, so you took your lesson learned, went out and purchased another 1st gen apple product?
    • I have a 2nd revision aluminum iMac 20 inch and the 16 GB version of the first iPhone... the one that came out 6 months before the first release date. I have had unusual reception issues, where my reception jumps up and down constantly in places when before the 2.0 update it was consistent. They aren't severe though, as this usually only happens in areas with poor receiption anyway. But that does make me sympathize with the 3G users and makes me think it's a firmware issue.

      Even so, in terms of roll outs

  • by edalytical ( 671270 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:45AM (#24673673)
    2.0.1 was the last update 2.0.2 is the most recent. And for the record my first gen iPhone works fine. The update fixed the slow typing bug and the battery drain bug. I don't know yet if it fixed the shuffle my home screen icons bug. True I wish Apple would give a complete change log. It sure would make it easier for us to give them feedback about those bugs if we knew what they were.
    • by Mad Quacker ( 3327 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:37AM (#24674705) Homepage

      2.0.1 was the last update 2.0.2 is the most recent. And for the record my first gen iPhone works fine. The update fixed the slow typing bug and the battery drain bug. I don't know yet if it fixed the shuffle my home screen icons bug. True I wish Apple would give a complete change log. It sure would make it easier for us to give them feedback about those bugs if we knew what they were.

      Well let me prefix this with "I love my iPhone 3G, but..." *cough* yeah right..

      Apple doesn't want feedback. It's a privilege to use their products, if you don't like it, you know where to take it.

      The audiobook reader speed adjustment is *STILL* broken on my 5G iPod, I haven't dared to try on my iPhone 3G. Apple will never fix it. I'm afraid the same applies for many bugs on the iPhone.

      And no, I still have the slow keyboard bug with 2.0.2, except now my contacts list of 60 is unresponsive for up to 30 seconds after launching it. Excellent!!

  • 2.0.1? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by PDubNYC ( 650812 )
    Ummm, the most recent update was 2.0.2. Kind of hard to take the rest of the article seriously when it gets the most basic of facts wrong. Not that I doubt the existence of these 3G problem, just tired of reading poorly researched, poorly edited "news" articles. I don't have a 3G iPhone, so this article doesn't really apply to me, but for my Edge iPhone, 2.0.2 seems to have improved a number of issues, particularly the email.
    • by JohnnyComeLately ( 725958 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:22AM (#24674371) Homepage Journal

      I am more frustrated at the fact it has to do a complete reload, not just a patch. I've been generally happy with my iPhone (3G) but tying up your phone for almost 30 minutes while it downloads (at work no less) isn't pleasant. Then, I absolutely had to use it and forgot it was still downloading. I had a brick until I could spend another 10-20 minutes doing a "restore". The Apple software doesn't update after a restore, so guess what...I clicked, "Next" thinking it would continue to something else, but nope, got to wait another 20 minutes while it restored a second time.

      As far as changes, I still have keyboard lag and the little quirks it had before 2.01 and 2.02. Battery drain I can't comment because I'm constantly plugging it in due to the habit I formed after having it die so often the first week I had it. I now instinctively plug into the car charger while driving, plug in at work, and then plug in at home. I even leave a cable attached to my XBOX360 to charge (even though the 360 won't recognize the iPhone like it would my iPod Video).

  • Disabled Apps (Score:5, Interesting)

    by jrivar59 ( 146428 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:47AM (#24673703)

    On my iPhone, 2.02 completely disabled all 3rd party apps. Any apps installed run for just a few seconds before returning to the app screen. Deleting and re-installing doesn't help.

    Good job apple.

  • Microsoft is upset over the Mac v. PC, Leopard v. Vista commercials. They want to play dirty themselves, obviously, since they're showing idealized videotaped demos of their OS to gullible people under a fake name and saying "That's Vista, ain't it great?". So where are all the Microsoft-purchased ads slamming the iPhone's inability to even be a phone, while Windows Mobile phones get shit done?

    • by DMoylan ( 65079 )

      >Windows Mobile phones get shit done

      i always thought they did bugger all. have yet to see one go a day with out a crash/needing a recharge after 60 minutes away from a power supply.

      recently added to the list of of it looked cool but didn't last 5 minutes with the guy who was going to buy one. htc touch diamond. reason for giving up on it. he fired it up. went to the browser. took 3-4 clicks before it launched for some reason. it connected to google using our wifi. all well and good. till he trie

      • I'm looking at the Symbian phones, particularly from Nokia, myself. I still have just a Razr for now. I used to have a Psion Series 5mx and I still miss it.

        I'm no fan of Windows Mobile. I don't see why Microsoft is missing this opportunity even if they have to stretch the truth a bit. Apple certainly did in their ads, and Microsoft's been known to do much worse than what Apple did for their ads.

        It's a smart thing to do, even if Microsoft's phones aren't all that. Leopard isn't all that either, although it i


  • I always find it interesting how you get a slew of "I am glad I never jail broke my iphone" comments when a new release comes out that breaks the jail break.

    Well in this case, I am glad I jail broke my iphone because I did not upgrade to the new firmware. In some ways it is nice, because you let everyone else find out what is broken. So in this case, even if they come out with the new pwnage for the new firmware, I am sure I am going to just wait until the new release from apple come out.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:52AM (#24673827)

    Subj: Hello

    Looks like we're in a bit of bind right now. QA signed off on the 3G 2.0.1 update despite not testing it fully. (The guilty parties are being punished as we speak.) For the time being, could you write another pro-iPhone article? Be sure to mention how it is "substantially less buggy" than competitors phones, and how beautiful it is. Also, be sure to make a jab at Zune (the Internet always eats that stuff up.) It'd also be great if you could work chair throwing in there as well. Thankfully, the masses eat up tired memes without even realizing it. One article should buy us enough time and mindshare to fix these issues.


  • terrible article (Score:5, Informative)

    by jettoblack ( 683831 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @10:53AM (#24673843)

    First off, the firmware that was just released was 2.0.2, not 2.0.1 which had been out for a while already. Second, Apple never claimed that this update contains the 3G fix. As usual, they have been secretive and cryptic about what the update actually contains, but this was just a minor update, not the big radio firmware fix we've been waiting for. And finally, although a few people have complained about the GPS in the new version, most of the reports seem to indicate that the GPS has IMPROVED.

    Disclaimer: I own an iPhone and am suffering from the 3G issues. I'm certainly no fan of the way Apple has handled this so far, but this article is just a pointless and error-filled troll.

    • by Sentry21 ( 8183 )

      Are you having the *new* 3G issue? Because the one thing that seems (anecdotally) to be in common for all those affected that I've heard from is an old SIM card (i.e. not the one that came in the box).

      People who have the 'I can't get on the 3G network' issue have reported their problems go away when switching to the new SIM. Maybe that's worth trying?

  • I have 2.0.2 (Score:2, Informative)

    by TofuMatt ( 1105351 )

    For what it's worth, I have a 16GB White 3G iPhone that I bought about a week after launch, and have had no call issues (call quality is actually reported by people I talk to as being "amazing"), no GPS issues, etc.

    The first weekend I had it I lost internet and had to restart it, and since then have had no issues with big things like GPS/3G/etc. I updated to 2.0.2 last night and used the GPS in town and it was actually super-fast and stable.

    That said, the contact/SMS slowdown business, and somewhat crash-ha

  • since 2.0.1 is such a steaming pile, that I'm using 2.0.2. So far no problems.

  • I wonder how all the apple fanboys feel when they say their products "just work", as this update is clearly showing. /sarcasm

    Meanwhile, it'd be nice to see the iphone actually work, although I'm impressed by the continual problems sprouting up. How did something look so sleek end up so crappy? It's like putting a prius engine in a ferrari or something.

  • by sjonke ( 457707 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:13AM (#24674239) Journal

    First, let me say that others have not had the same experience, so it isn't universal, but I've also seen others saying they had the same result, so it isn't unique to my iPod Touch either.

    After I updated to 2.0.2 on my 16 GB iPod Touch, I could no longer launch any 3rd party apps. They would start to load, then quit back to the home screen. I tried powering off and starting back up. Didn't help. I tried a restore and setup from backup. No help. Finally I resorted to a restore and setup as a new iPod. This worked (at least so far). Of course, it means that I lost all my app data. Fortunately all my key data was recoverable (contacts, calendar, email and SplashID), but my progress in the game Vay, for example, is gone as well as other games.

    This isn't the first problem I've had with 2.0.x firmware. Previously I had individual applications stop working. In some cases powering off and on would fix it, but more recently (with 2.0.1) I had some applications where that didn't help. In fact, neither did a restore and setup from backup. Indeed, the most recent restore and setup as a new device is the *second* time I've done it.

    Also, twice I experienced a problem where I tried to launch the AppStore app where it never finished loading. It didn't quit to the home screen, it just got stuck. Pressing Home didn't do anything. Nor did pressing the sleep button. Finally I held the Home button down to force quit the AppStore, but instead of just force quitting the app, it caused an onscreen flash and then my iPod started to reboot, but it never finished. I tried forcing another reboot and still it didn't finish starting up. Endless Apple logo. I let it go for hours and it never finished. Finally I had to force my iPod into recovery mode and do a restore and setup from backup. In this case, that worked, but it happened again another time and again I had to restore from backup.

    The 2.0.x firmware has, as far as I'm concerned, been pretty much a disaster. I love the features it brings to my iPod, but this is beta, or really alpha software. It shouldn't have been released, or at least it should have been labeled as such and not been distributed through normal means. Then the problems wouldn't sting quite so much if you ran into them.

    I hope the promised September update will put all this nonsense to rest and finally give us release-quality firmware. I must admit to being a bit skeptical, though.

  • I'm running 2.0.2 on a 3G with no visible issues so far. In fact, 2.0.2 fixed a lot of the app slowness that I was seeing, especially the Contacts app, which previously had a 5-10 second lag when starting. With 2.0.2 the contacts app is usable as soon as it opens up. As for the 3G problems, the 3G coverage in the areas move between is less than stellar, so I typically just leave 3G off.
    • Check out this quote from this page:

      "After complaining to a manager, Goodman was able to get a replacement unit, but the reception issues persisted. On Thursday, he was told by an AT&T customer service representative that its cell towers are having trouble recognizing the iPhone 3G on the network, and that a fix was forthcoming." []

      This is the first comment by an AT&T employee where they appear to admit that these issues are partially their fault. Did I call it or what? I bet they decided to call Fido as I suggested on various boards and ended up finding something.

  • Mine works fine under 2.0.2, as it did under 2.0.1. This is clearly not a universal problem -- I know a dozen or so others with 3G iphones online and in Real Life who have had no problems. Maybe someone should start a database of serial numbers to see if there's some kind of trend in which phones are problematic?
  • by Gothmolly ( 148874 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:39AM (#24674751)

    "I buy Apple products. It just makes me feel special." []

  • by Builder ( 103701 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:45AM (#24674893)

    The location feature on every 1st gen iPhone I know of (around 12) have not been working since the 2.0.0 update. Apple say that they know about this, but there has been no sign of a fix yet :(

  • by not already in use ( 972294 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:50AM (#24675003)

    Makes me want to whack some crazy Apple fanboy with a one-button mouse while they're down.

  • by Animats ( 122034 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @11:50AM (#24675009) Homepage

    I happen to know the guy who headed the RF software group for the original iPhone. He's a low-key sort, from the industrial high-reliability real time world. He did not like being yelled at by Steve Jobs. So, shortly after the first iPhones were out and working, he quit.

    Apple found someone else to do the 3G version. Probably not someone from the industrial high-reliability real time world.

  • by That's Unpossible! ( 722232 ) on Wednesday August 20, 2008 @12:43PM (#24676189)

    ...however, since everyone is offering anecdotal "evidence", I'll point out that we have two 3G iPhones in our home, and neither have had 3G issues. A few applications crash on startup, but most of my apps run just fine, before and after the 2.0.2 update.

    My biggest gripe is -- Apple has neither stated there is a known 3G connectivity problem, nor did they state the 2.0.2 patch contains a 'fix' for any such problems. So ask yourself, how have these people writing articles about it able to claim such a thing? The answer is, the same reason everyone thinks there's a widespread problem with 3G... hear-say.

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