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Dark Alex Releases 4.01 M33 Firmware For PSP 58

Croakyvoice writes "Dark Alex, the PSP hacker from Spain, and his Team M33 have released a new version of the custom firmware for the PSP, which now supports the very latest official firmware from Sony. Benefits for the end user include the ability to play the many hundreds of games, demos, applications and emulators written by the homebrew community for the PSP."
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Dark Alex Releases 4.01 M33 Firmware For PSP

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  • ... and? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by pathological liar ( 659969 ) on Sunday June 29, 2008 @02:04PM (#23991945)
    I can understand new releases of major software... a new GIMP, new KDE, new GNOME, new kernel, new release of a distro or operating system being newsworthy... but an announcement of a cracked firmware bin for a portable game system?
    • Yeah, now you can run even more software on some locked hardware; Why isn't this newsworthy to you?

      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        No, you can run the exact same software you could before, this is a bugfix release -- and a trivial bugfix at that -- for something with the camera. A niche product on a niche product. Oops, I guess it adds one new function to the SDK, although neither the article or the summary actually says what it does.
        • by Tarlus ( 1000874 )
          To a community full of geeks, nerds, gamers, hackers and programmers, the ability for us to enhance the functionality of our gadgets and gizmos (to the point that we can make our own homebrew apps) is news that appeals to many.
          • I understand the appeal of hacking something, but even given that, surely you can agree that this is some pretty trivial news. They changed the button used for a camera function, and they added a single function to the SDK.

            Unless it's steak_and_blowjob(), that's mailing list announcement fodder. I mean, if I wanted freshmeat, I'd look at freshmeat.
        • You are absolutely right that this story shouldn't be posted.

          However, just out of curiosity I checked the PSP's sales and read up on on the PSP. The PSP is the eighth best [] selling console of all time. It's surprisingly successful for a device that is often thought of as a failure compared to the DS.

          • by aliquis ( 678370 )

            I guess it's because all japanese people already have a DS now so they had to buy something else and well, guess what? ;)

            Nah but seriously I think PSP sales have raised quite a bit over in Japan the last year compared to the DS haven't they?

    • I can understand new releases of major software... a new GIMP, new KDE, new GNOME, new kernel, new release of a distro or operating system being newsworthy... but an announcement of a cracked firmware bin for a portable game system?

      Welcome to Slashdot. If you don't likes the Slashdot, you don't have to reads the Slashdot. Go check out Reddit or Digg if you wants only important news. :)

    • You remember, the assholes that gave us rootkitted CDs? Why *NOT* make news that their proprietary junk is easily cracked to make it even more useful? It's still news, even though it's just a minor bugfix for a camera.

  • Since this story was posted they've already released 4.01-m33-2 update along with a +1.5 addon. For those who care you'll know what this means, everybody else continue not caring...

    • by ivan256 ( 17499 )

      I have a release-day PSP which still has the 1.50 firmware on it. My lack of desire to "upgrade" to more restrictive firmware led me to put it away for a while... I haven't used it in over a year...

      Now I want to pick it back up and try some of these new custom firmwares, and all of the documentation assumes you've been following the 'scene' the whole time. If you don't know what something is for already, you're left to either follow over a year of 1337-sp33k forum posts to get caught up.

      So, no... You don't

      • I agree actually. I spent months researching different things that could be done with my PSP. Then left it alone for several months. Then picked it up again. And found out you can run customized versions of the latest firmware (lots of fun new features, old homebrew for 1.5 doesn't work) in tandem with the 1.5 firmware (legacy homebrew). It does take a lot of patience wading through several different sources of information and outdated forum posts.

        I did find some walk-throughs on YouTube. I recommend this h

  • So, the question is. will sony continue to bleed themselves dry fighting the impossible, or will they give up?

    win/win either way imho.

  • Now that I can find out when to get new firmware for my PSP. Can Slashdot also tell me where to get all the cool free software to download! Hint hint. Nudge nudge.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    then don't fight Sony on their own turf. Get a gp2x or a gp32 and play games on a portable machine that's open from the get-go.

  • Last I heard of the, Dark Alex was bowing out scene?

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