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CTIA Wireless 10 Coolest New Devices 18

An anonymous reader writes to share that while the new items at CTIA may be a bit underwhelming, there are still a few things that should fuel interest. "The Pro-700 is a rugged device certified to military standards for dust, shock and vibration which should get a few of the rabble smearing mud across their cheeks in readiness for the forthcoming assault. For the rest of us it offers a single-number option and the ability to black or allow incoming one-to-one push-to-talk calls. With Sprint Mobile Sync, an online tool that lets users manage all of their contact information online, including setting up groups for PTT and text/voice messaging the Pro-700 is a formidable package."
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CTIA Wireless 10 Coolest New Devices

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  • to black or allow incoming one-to-one push-to-talk calls
    Seriously? The O and the A aren't even on the same side of the keyboard! This leads me to believe that some actually thinks that's the the proper term...
    I, on the other hand, am a prefect speller...Oh CARP!
  • An iPhone knock-off, a slightly-less-bulky blackberry, a ruggedized clamshell, and a bunch of push-to-talk, GPS-capable phones. The only remotely interesting ones were 8-10 because they actually do something new.
  • Did that article feel like one huge Sprint commercial to anyone else?
  • Now that it's a reasonable possibility (at least sometime in the not so distant future) to get a decent Linux stack on a cell phone that will have enough people using it and working on it so that it really works, I can't see why I would care about any new phone that isn't going to run Android. I'm tired of all the ridiculous bugs in phone software. I've pretty much given up on a phone that just works. I want one that if it's broken, I can make it work.

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