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NoScript Anywhere In Development For Android 57

Posted by Soulskill
from the now-if-only-it-worked-on-my-tv dept.
CaffeineAddiction writes "NoScript Anywhere (NSA) is the nickname for the next major iteration of the NoScript security add-on (NoScript 3), whose guts are being turned upside down in order to match Mozilla's Electrolysis multiprocessing architecture and implement a porting for Firefox 4 Mobile, available on Android and Maemo smartphones and tablets."
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NoScript Anywhere In Development For Android

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 06, 2011 @03:26PM (#36050972)

    Why can't Opera get into any of this? And none of the cheap hacks: Opera needs to get on the bandwaggon, maybe with a cross-over tool so it can use Firefox Add-ons because everything in the Opera community just has a "cheapened" feeling to it when someone makes something they say has equivalent function of a Firefox plugin or Add-on.

    • by toastar (573882)
      Better question... Will it work with dolphin?
    • Re: (Score:2, Offtopic)

      by clang_jangle (975789)
      What are you talking about? Opera has NotScripts. [] In fact, opera has almost everything, including a lot of powerful config options only available in Firefox via addons -- the one critical missing element (for me) is pentadactyl. If it had that I'd switch back to opera in a heartbeat (pentadactyl is why I switched to firefox, now I'm totally spoiled).
  • by blair1q (305137) on Friday May 06, 2011 @03:28PM (#36050988) Journal

    NoScript is probably the most useful thing on my computer aside from the browser itself. And without it, I'd think the internet and by extension the browser were awful, so the probability is approaching unity.

    Time to donate to the cause [].

  • by ronocdh (906309) on Friday May 06, 2011 @03:32PM (#36051006)
    In my experience, mobile Firefox is beautiful in its replete feature set, but I find it deplorably slow—much like how Firefox 3.x was on the desktop. I haven't played around much with add-ons for fear of even longer browser startup times on my phone. NoScript is a wonderful project, but I'd like to see a lot more speed improvement on mobile Firefox before I go signing up.
    • by idontgno (624372)

      Well, as in all things, YMMV, but I've never had cause to complain about FF4's performance on my modded (CM7.0.3) HTC Desire CDMA. Fairly snappy, although admittedly a tiny but noticeable bit slower than Android's native browser, Whatchamacallit*. OTOH, FF4 doesn't make a horrible unusable hash of some of the websites I visit like Whatchamacallit does.

      Add NoScript and it becomes head and shoulders better than the built-in one.

      *Does it even have a distinct product name? I don't recall ever seeing it.

      • by CAFED00D (1337179)
        Firefox Mobile already has a highly-optimized, built-in flash blocker. So that's one less piece they'll have to port!
        • by afidel (530433)
          Personally I find Fenec's mobile user experience to lag behind both the Froyo Internet browser and significantly behind Opera Mobile. Opera has a much lower footprint as well. Fenec's best attribute for me right now is adblock and user agent switcher, some sites really piss me off by forcing me to their mobile site that's basically just a link to their app.
          • by Beyond_GoodandEvil (769135) on Friday May 06, 2011 @06:48PM (#36052722) Homepage
            Opera has a much lower footprint as well. Fenec's best attribute for me right now is adblock and user agent switcher, some sites really piss me off by forcing me to their mobile site that's basically just a link to their app.
            This 1000x, wtf is with everybody deciding my mobile browser needs to be redirected to m.url if I wanted to do that I would have typed in that url. Btw use about:debug on the stock android browser then select settings -> more to get to the user agent switch
            • by pspahn (1175617)

              wtf is with everybody deciding my mobile browser needs to be redirected to m.url

              This is due to a majority of mobile users preferring to use a site that is designed with their smaller screen size in mind.

              I would guess that in nearly every case, the owner of the web site knows more about their web site than random /. guy. Providing a scaled down version of the full page is a courtesy web site owners give to their users.

              You might find that constructing a large fence in your front yard does indeed keep people off your lawn, but it also partitions you off into your own little reality.

    • I feel the same. I have Firefox installed on my N900 (Maemo as the OS) and, well, Firefox is just painful to use. It is incredibly slow and sluggish. No matter how many times I try it or whether or not I disable all the addons I have it's still just as slow as ever.

      I'm sorry Firefox devs, but... Firefox is downright unusable on N900. Opera mobile works so, SO much better.

      • by Microlith (54737)

        It's slow on the N900 due to the dearth of RAM. 256MB total, with notably less free on boot. You're instantly in a paging situation once the browser is up and running due to its memory usage.

        With 512MB of RAM it's quite nice, and does so well on the Nook Color I'm currently attempting to shove MeeGo 1.2 on.

        • by Miseph (979059)

          Dearth of RAM... a mere 256. In a fracking *cell phone*.

          I feel so old...

          • by Microlith (54737)

            The N900, and most modern smartphones, are much more than just cellphones.

            You can still get cellphones with less than 32MB of RAM, they just don't do much.

  • "Implement a porting?"


  • I love Noscript, I don't like the developer. Because of this I've dropped Noscript from my extensions long ago. It seems everyone soon forgets about a developer who thinks he can mess with your other extensions without your permission. []
  • privoxy the requests can be a more central approach to filter commercials. i am surprised: this long we see tablets but still no ad filter has been established

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