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Tuesday February 20, 2018 @09:14PM FCC To Officially Rescind Net Neutrality Rules On Thursday
Tuesday February 06, 2018 @05:24PM Fake News Sharing In US Is a Rightwing Thing, Says Oxford Study
Wednesday January 31, 2018 @05:05PM White House Seeks 72 Percent Cut To Clean Energy Research
Friday January 26, 2018 @06:28PM Robert Mueller's Team Reportedly Interviewed Facebook Staff As Part of Russia Probe
Wednesday January 24, 2018 @11:55PM Trump Administration Wants To End NASA Funding For ISS By 2025
Friday January 19, 2018 @05:10PM Trump Signs Surveillance Extension Into Law
Thursday January 04, 2018 @04:46PM White House Bans Use of Personal Devices From West Wing
Wednesday January 03, 2018 @08:04PM Ajit Pai Backs Out of Planned CES 2018 Appearance
Friday December 29, 2017 @02:57PM Trump's Website Is Coded With a Broken Server Error Message That Blames Obama
Friday December 22, 2017 @10:16PM Republican's 'Net Neutrality' Proposal Called 'Bait and Switch'
Tuesday December 19, 2017 @08:16PM Republican Lawmaker Introduces Net Neutrality Legislation
Monday December 18, 2017 @08:00PM Internal FCC Report Shows Republican Net Neutrality Narrative Is False
Monday December 18, 2017 @03:43PM 'There Will Be a [Senate] Vote' To Reinstate Net Neutrality, Schumer Says
Saturday December 16, 2017 @09:43PM Trump Administration Prohibits CDC Policy Analysts From Using the Words 'Science-Based'
Monday December 04, 2017 @04:26PM FCC Won't Delay Vote, Says Net Neutrality Supporters Are 'Desperate'
Saturday December 02, 2017 @05:34PM Valuable Republican Donor Database Breached -- By Other Republicans
Monday November 27, 2017 @04:33PM White House Weighs Personal Mobile Phone Ban For Staff
Monday November 27, 2017 @03:30PM Comcast Hints At Plan For Paid Fast Lanes After Net Neutrality Repeal
Sunday November 26, 2017 @07:59PM Petition Calls for Ouster of FCC Chairman Pai
Friday November 24, 2017 @08:25PM Bipartisan US Election Group Issues Security Tips
Monday November 20, 2017 @06:24PM Trump Administration Tightens Scrutiny of Skilled Worker Visa Applicants
Friday November 17, 2017 @05:30PM The House's Tax Bill Levies a Tax On Graduate Student Tuition Waivers
Wednesday November 15, 2017 @04:16PM FCC Plans December Vote To Kill Net Neutrality Rules
Tuesday November 14, 2017 @05:46PM Why Google Should Be Afraid of a Missouri Republican's Google Probe
Friday November 03, 2017 @03:00PM Republican Tax Plan Kills Electric Vehicle Credit
Tuesday October 24, 2017 @03:06PM Congress Opens Probe Into FBI's Handling of Clinton Email Investigation
Thursday October 12, 2017 @06:54AM FCC's Claim That One ISP Counts As 'Competition' Faces Scrutiny In Court
Wednesday October 04, 2017 @02:50PM US Senate Panel Approves Self-Driving Car Legislation
Monday October 02, 2017 @05:43PM Ex-Verizon Lawyer Ajit Pai Confirmed To Second Term As FCC Chair
Tuesday September 19, 2017 @03:30PM Pepe the Frog's Creator Is Sending Takedown Notices To Far-Right Sites
Sunday September 17, 2017 @11:57AM Trump's Officials Suggest Re-Negotiating The Paris Climate Accord
Thursday September 14, 2017 @07:33PM Trump Blocks China-Backed Takeover of US Chip Maker 'Lattice Semi'
Wednesday September 13, 2017 @06:23PM Silicon Valley Bosses Are Globalists, Not Libertarians
Monday August 28, 2017 @11:39AM IP Lawyer Who Represented TiVo Is Trump's Pick As USPTO Chief
Tuesday August 22, 2017 @05:22PM Justice Department Walks Back Demand For Information On Anti-Trump Website
Monday August 21, 2017 @04:11PM Switch To Renewables Won't End the Geopolitics of Energy
Monday August 14, 2017 @04:34PM Trump Can Block People On Twitter If He Wants, Administration Says
Wednesday August 09, 2017 @03:02PM Maybe Americans Don't Need Fast Home Internet Service, FCC Suggests
Tuesday August 08, 2017 @04:47PM Leaked Federal Climate Report Finds Link Between Climate Change, Human Activity
Friday August 04, 2017 @03:21PM Silicon Valley Says Trump Plan To Reduce Immigration Will Hurt Economy
Thursday August 03, 2017 @06:06PM The FCC Is Full Again, With Three Republicans and Two Democrats
Thursday July 27, 2017 @03:51AM FCC Is Not Complying With Freedom of Information Act Requests, Alleges Lawsuit
Wednesday July 19, 2017 @05:49PM US House Panel Approves Broad Proposal On Self-Driving Cars
Wednesday July 19, 2017 @03:43PM EFF: Large ISPs Lying To Californians To Kill New Privacy Law
Wednesday July 19, 2017 @07:17AM FCC Refuses To Release Text of More Than 40,000 Net Neutrality Complaints
Thursday July 13, 2017 @04:34PM Congress Seeks To Outlaw Cyber Intel Sharing With Russia
Monday July 10, 2017 @04:46PM Trump Proposes Joint 'Cyber Security Unit' With Russia, Then Quickly Backs Away From It
Thursday July 06, 2017 @03:37PM YouTube Stars Defend Net Neutrality In Open Letter To the FCC
Wednesday July 05, 2017 @02:49PM CNN Warns It May Expose An Anonymous Critic If He Ever Again Publishes Bad Content
Thursday June 29, 2017 @03:06PM Trump Picks Republican To Fill Empty Commissioner Seat At FCC
Wednesday June 28, 2017 @04:48PM Mayors of 7,400 Cities Vow To Meet Obama's Climate Commitments
Monday June 26, 2017 @04:42PM New Study Explains Why Trump's 'Sad' Tweets Are So Effective
Wednesday June 21, 2017 @02:56PM California May Restore Broadband Privacy Rules Killed By Congress and Trump
Tuesday June 20, 2017 @05:56PM Trump Promises a Federal Technology Overhaul To Save $1 Trillion
Thursday June 15, 2017 @03:47PM Trump Orders Government To Stop Work On Y2K Bug, 17 Years Later
Monday June 12, 2017 @02:49PM 'COVFEFE Act' Would Make Social Media a Presidential Record
Wednesday June 07, 2017 @03:54PM The Public Is Growing Tired of Trump's Tweets, Says Voter Survey
Wednesday June 07, 2017 @02:19PM Americans From Both Political Parties Overwhelmingly Support Net Neutrality, Poll Shows
Monday June 05, 2017 @04:02PM Trump Wants To Modernize Air Travel By Turning Over Control To the Big Airlines
Friday June 02, 2017 @03:44PM FCC Seeks To Increase ISP Competition In Apartment Buildings
Thursday June 01, 2017 @05:32PM 61 Mayors Commit To Adopt, Honor and Uphold Paris Climate Accord After US Pulls Out
Thursday June 01, 2017 @02:49AM Hillary Clinton Rips 'Bankrupt' DNC Data Operation
Friday May 26, 2017 @11:33PM Hackers Have Targeted Both the Trump Organization And Democrat Election Data
Tuesday May 23, 2017 @04:57PM Republicans Want To Leave You Voicemail -- Without Ever Ringing Your Cellphone
Tuesday May 23, 2017 @04:46PM FCC Won't Punish Stephen Colbert For Controversial Trump Insult
Tuesday May 23, 2017 @03:12PM President Trump's Budget Includes a $2 Trillion Math Error
Thursday May 18, 2017 @10:58AM The Republican Push To Repeal Net Neutrality Will Get Underway This Week
Thursday May 18, 2017 @01:18AM Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago
Sunday May 14, 2017 @06:06PM FCC Suspends Net Neutrality Comments, As Chairman Pai Mocks 'Mean Tweets'
Tuesday May 09, 2017 @04:52PM Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey
Tuesday May 09, 2017 @03:35PM IT Worker Who Trained H-1B-Visa-Holding Replacement Aims For Congress
Monday May 08, 2017 @06:00PM EPA Dismisses Half the Scientists on Its Major Review Board
Tuesday May 02, 2017 @04:50PM Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Nutrition Standards For School Lunches
Tuesday May 02, 2017 @09:15AM Senate Republicans Introduce Anti-Net Neutrality Legislation
Friday April 28, 2017 @03:57PM Trump Order Helps Offshore Drilling, Stops Marine Sanctuary Expansion
Friday April 21, 2017 @02:00PM FCC Takes First Step Toward Allowing More Broadcast TV Mergers
Monday April 17, 2017 @11:41PM Trump To Overhaul H-1B Visa Program To Encourage Hiring Americans
Monday April 17, 2017 @03:02PM Trump Administration Kills Open.Gov, Will Not Release White House Visitor Logs
Saturday April 15, 2017 @03:18PM GOP Congressman Defending Privacy Vote: 'Nobody's Got To Use The Internet'
Tuesday April 11, 2017 @04:52PM US Dismantles Forensic Science Commission
Thursday April 06, 2017 @03:27PM Twitter Sues US Government Over Attempt To Unmask Anti-Trump Account
Tuesday April 04, 2017 @11:27AM FCC Limits Order On Charter Extending Broadband Service
Sunday April 02, 2017 @11:52AM This Year's H-1B Visa Applications Look A Lot Like Last Year's
Friday March 31, 2017 @11:08PM Net Neutrality Is Trump's Next Target, Administration Says
Thursday March 30, 2017 @02:55PM House Approves Bill To Force Public Release of EPA Science
Thursday March 30, 2017 @10:19AM FCC To Halt Expansion of Broadband Subsidies For Poor People
Wednesday March 29, 2017 @10:55PM Ivanka Trump To Take Coding Class With 5-Year-Old Daughter
Tuesday March 28, 2017 @06:08PM US Congress Votes To Shred ISP Privacy Rules
Saturday March 25, 2017 @12:29PM After Healthcare Defeat, Can The Trump Administration Fix America's H-1B Visa Program?
Thursday March 23, 2017 @02:53PM Senate Votes To Kill FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules
Wednesday March 22, 2017 @02:57PM 'Dig Once' Bill Could Bring Fiber Internet To Much of the US
Tuesday March 21, 2017 @03:17PM Trump Adds To NASA Budget, Approves Crewed Mission To Mars
Thursday March 16, 2017 @06:04PM US Federal Budget Proposal Cuts Science Funding
Monday March 13, 2017 @01:18PM New Bill Would Allow Employers To Demand Genetic Testing From Workers
Thursday March 09, 2017 @12:59PM GOP Senators' New Bill Would Let ISPs Sell Your Web Browsing Data
Tuesday March 07, 2017 @03:40PM Trump Renominates Ajit Pai For Five More Years at the FCC
Monday March 06, 2017 @03:37PM Sprint 'Betting Big On Trump,' Could Merge With T-Mobile Or Comcast
Thursday March 02, 2017 @11:46PM Mike Pence Used His AOL Email For Indiana State Business -- and It Got Hacked
Wednesday March 01, 2017 @04:04PM White House Supports Renewal of Spy Law Without Reforms
Monday February 27, 2017 @06:50PM FCC Chairman Says His Agency Won't Review AT&T's Time Warner Purchase
Monday February 27, 2017 @01:18PM FCC To Halt Rule That Protects Your Private Data From Security Breaches
Friday February 24, 2017 @08:04AM FCC Votes To Lift Net Neutrality Transparency Rules For Smaller Internet Providers
Friday February 17, 2017 @10:01PM Congressman Calls For Probe Into Trump's Unsecured Android Phone
Friday February 10, 2017 @06:38PM Russia Considers Sending Snowden Back To US As a 'Gift' To Trump
Friday February 10, 2017 @05:34PM Senators Push Trump Administration For Clarity On Privacy Act Exclusions
Thursday February 09, 2017 @05:47PM Republicans Are Reportedly Using a Self-Destructing Message App To Avoid Leaks
Monday February 06, 2017 @07:16PM US House Passes Bill Requiring Warrants To Search Old Emails
Thursday February 02, 2017 @04:51PM Hackers Take Over Unsecured Radio Transmitters, Play Anti-Trump Song
Thursday February 02, 2017 @04:25PM Reddit Bans Far-Right Groups Altright and Alternativeright
Monday January 30, 2017 @06:46PM Trump's Next Immigration Move To Affect H-1B Visas; Require Tech Companies To Try To Hire Americans First: Bloomberg
Friday January 27, 2017 @03:37PM Tesla CEO Elon Musk Joins President Trump's New Manufacturing Council
Thursday January 26, 2017 @02:34PM The Doomsday Clock Is Reset: Closest To Midnight Since The 1950s
Wednesday January 25, 2017 @04:05PM Trump's FCC Chairman Pick Ajit Pai Vows To Close Broadband 'Digital Divide'
Tuesday January 24, 2017 @03:59PM USDA Scrambles To Ease Concerns After Researchers Were Ordered To Stop Publishing Publicly Funded Science
Monday January 23, 2017 @10:46PM Ask Slashdot: Can US Citizens Trust Government Data?
Saturday January 21, 2017 @06:30PM New Wyoming Bill Penalizes Utilities Using Renewable Energy
Friday January 20, 2017 @12:31PM Donald Trump Is Sworn In As the 45th US President
Thursday January 19, 2017 @03:20PM Tech Firm Creates Trump Monitor For Stock Markets
Friday January 13, 2017 @03:26PM Trump's Cyber Security Advisor Rudy Giuliani Runs Ancient, Utterly Hackable Website
Tuesday January 03, 2017 @01:53PM Republicans Propose Bill To Impose Fines For Live-Streaming From House Floor
Monday December 19, 2016 @06:49PM Electoral College Elects Donald Trump As President
Thursday December 15, 2016 @04:38PM White House Supports Claim Putin Directed US Election Hack
Wednesday December 14, 2016 @08:26PM Twitter Cut Out of Trump Tech Meeting Over Failed Emoji Deal, Says Report
Tuesday December 13, 2016 @09:14PM IBM Promises To Hire 25,000 Americans As Tech Executives Set To Meet Trump
Tuesday December 06, 2016 @03:29PM T-Mobile CFO: Less Regulation, Repeal of Net Neutrality By Trump Would Be 'Positive For My Industry'
Tuesday December 06, 2016 @08:22AM White House Silence Seems To Confirm $4 Billion 'Computer Science For All' K-12 Initiative Is No More
Monday December 05, 2016 @05:04PM President Obama's $4.2 Billion 'Computer Science For All' K-12 Initiative Pronounced Dead
Friday December 02, 2016 @08:21PM Of 8 Tech Companies, Only Twitter Says It Would Refuse To Help Build Muslim Registry For Trump
Thursday December 01, 2016 @08:51AM Trump Appoints Third Net Neutrality Critic To FCC Advisory Team
Wednesday November 30, 2016 @06:50PM Twitters Says It Will Ban Trump If He Breaks Hate-Speech Rules
Wednesday November 30, 2016 @04:27PM Reddit To Crack Down On Abuse By Punishing Hundreds of 'Toxic Users'
Monday November 28, 2016 @04:14PM EPA Increases Amount of Renewable Fuel To Be Blended Into Gasoline
Sunday November 27, 2016 @07:53PM Online Pranksters Mock Trump's $149 Christmas Ornament, Rename Trump Tower on Google Maps
Saturday November 26, 2016 @11:34PM Will Trump Protect America's IT Workers From H-1B Visa Abuses?
Saturday November 26, 2016 @12:49AM Lawrence Lessig Calls For The Electoral College to Choose Clinton Over Trump
Friday November 25, 2016 @10:25PM Advertising Company AppNexus Bans Breitbart News Over Hate Speech
Thursday November 24, 2016 @12:08PM Russian Hacker Conspiracy Theory is Weak, But the Case For Paper Ballots is Strong
Wednesday November 23, 2016 @04:00PM Trump Says He's Going To 'Get Apple To Build a Big Plant In the United States'
Wednesday November 23, 2016 @01:55PM Trump To Scrap NASA Climate Research In Crackdown On 'Politicized Science'
Tuesday November 22, 2016 @06:25PM Trump Admits 'Some Connectivity' Between Climate Change and Human Activity
Tuesday November 22, 2016 @05:32PM Google Search Results Have Liberal Bias, Study Finds
Monday November 21, 2016 @05:55PM Trump Names Two Opponents of Net Neutrality To Oversee FCC Transition Team
Thursday November 17, 2016 @05:41PM France To Shut Down All Coal-Fired Power Plants By 2023
Wednesday November 16, 2016 @07:52PM FCC Abides By GOP Request To Stop What It's Doing, Deletes Everything From Meeting Agenda
Wednesday November 16, 2016 @06:31PM Steve Bannon Suggests Having Too Many Asian Tech CEOs Undermines 'Civic Society'
Tuesday November 15, 2016 @05:33PM Cybersecurity CEO Gets Fired After Threatening To Kill Trump On Facebook
Monday November 14, 2016 @11:18PM US Internet Firms Ask Trump To Support Encryption, Ease Regulations
Monday November 14, 2016 @03:56PM Google Surfaces Fake News About Election Results
Saturday November 12, 2016 @08:39PM Will Trump's Presidency Bring More Surveillance To The US?
Friday November 11, 2016 @05:50PM Peter Thiel Is Joining Donald Trump's Transition Team
Thursday November 10, 2016 @05:53PM Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic To Lead EPA Transition
Thursday November 10, 2016 @04:18PM How President Trump Could Destroy Net Neutrality
Wednesday November 09, 2016 @06:15PM Silicon Valley Investors Call For California To Secede From the US After Trump Win
Wednesday November 09, 2016 @05:04PM Donald Trump Won Because of Facebook
Wednesday November 09, 2016 @04:14PM Slashdot Asks: Should The US Abolish The Electoral College?
Wednesday November 09, 2016 @03:16AM Donald Trump Wins US Presidency
Friday November 04, 2016 @06:08PM Teenagers In Macedonia Launch Fake Pro-Trump Sites To Earn Money
Friday November 04, 2016 @05:12PM Why a Theoretical Physicist Wants All State Bills To Be Online Before Final Vote
Tuesday November 01, 2016 @03:55PM Trump Organization Owns More Than 3,600 Domain Names, Many of Which Bash Trump
Monday October 31, 2016 @08:09PM Computer Scientists Believe a Trump Server Was Communicating With a Russian Bank
Friday October 21, 2016 @05:34PM Facebook Employees Tried To Remove Trump Posts As Hate Speech
Friday October 21, 2016 @04:09PM AI Platform Assesses Trump's and Clinton's Emotional Intelligence
Wednesday October 19, 2016 @06:18PM Hillary Clinton's Campaign Creates Way To Make Money From Donald Trump's Tweets
Wednesday October 19, 2016 @03:38PM Mark Zuckerberg Defends Peter Thiel's Trump Ties In Internal Memo
Monday October 17, 2016 @06:20PM Anti-Defamation League and Pepe the Frog's Creator Are Teaming Up To Save Pepe From Hate-Symbol Status
Monday October 17, 2016 @05:51PM Project Include Drops Y Combinator As Peter Thiel Pledges $1.25 Million To Trump
Monday October 17, 2016 @03:40PM Hackers Steal Credit Card Data From Visitors of US Senate GOP Committee Website
Friday October 14, 2016 @05:51PM Top Democrats Request FBI Investigation of Trump Campaign Ties To Russia Over Hacking
Sunday October 09, 2016 @10:58PM Clinton Responds To WikiLeaks During Debate, And Blames Russian Hackers
Friday October 07, 2016 @03:05PM US Intel Officially Blames the Russian Government For Hacking DNC
Monday October 03, 2016 @03:42PM FBI Agreed To Destroy Laptops of Clinton Aides With Immunity Deal, Sources Say
Friday September 30, 2016 @03:15PM Newsweek Website Attacked After Report On Trump, Cuban Embargo
Friday September 30, 2016 @12:59PM Four States Sue To Stop Internet Transition
Thursday September 29, 2016 @12:17AM Comey Denies Clinton Email 'Reddit' Cover-Up
Wednesday September 28, 2016 @04:33PM US Believes Hackers Are Shielded By Russia To Hide Its Role In Cyberintrusions: WSJ
Tuesday September 27, 2016 @06:36PM FBI Investigating Possible Hack of Democratic Party Staffer Cell Phones
Monday September 26, 2016 @06:30PM Trump Takes On 'Crooked Hillary' With Snapchat Geofilter
Monday September 26, 2016 @05:22PM Republicans Say Obama Administration Is Giving Away the Internet
Friday September 23, 2016 @04:10PM VR Devs Pull Support For Oculus Rift Until Palmer Luckey Steps Down
Thursday September 22, 2016 @10:23PM Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Is Secretly Funding Trump's Meme Machine
Wednesday September 21, 2016 @05:41PM Trump Opposes Plan For US To Hand Over Internet Oversight To a Global Governance
Monday September 19, 2016 @05:39PM Computer Specialist Who Deleted Clinton Emails May Have Asked Reddit For Tips
Friday September 16, 2016 @07:29AM FCC Republicans Refused To Give Congress Net Neutrality Documents
Wednesday September 14, 2016 @04:43PM Colin Powell's Private Email Account Has Been Hacked
Monday September 05, 2016 @05:42PM US Investigating Potential Covert Russian Plan To Disrupt November Elections
Friday August 26, 2016 @02:54PM Hillary Clinton Used BleachBit To Wipe Emails
Sunday August 21, 2016 @06:54PM Massachusetts Will Tax Ride-Sharing Companies To Subsidize Taxis
Thursday August 11, 2016 @07:13PM Cracking The Code On Trump Tweets
Wednesday July 27, 2016 @02:20PM Florida Regulators OK Plan To Increase Toxins In Water
Saturday July 23, 2016 @06:05AM Avast Suckers GOP Delegates Into Connecting To Insecure Wi-Fi Hotspots
Monday July 18, 2016 @05:27PM BuzzFeed and Washington Post To Use Robots For RNC Coverage
Monday July 18, 2016 @05:11PM RNC Is Preparing For Cyberattacks
Sunday July 17, 2016 @05:16AM Starbucks and McDonald's Announce Porn Blocks On Their Wi-Fi Networks
Saturday July 16, 2016 @10:54AM Paypal Founder Peter Thiel To Speak At Trump's Republican Convention
Saturday July 16, 2016 @12:53AM Jill Stein Pledges To Pardon Snowden and Appoint Him To Her Cabinet
Thursday July 14, 2016 @03:11PM 145 Tech Leaders Say 'Trump Would Be A Disaster For Innovation'
Thursday July 14, 2016 @12:55PM Donald Trump To Announce Mike Pence As Vice-Presidential Running Mate
Wednesday July 13, 2016 @09:50PM 'Fourth Amendment Caucus' Aims To Fight Government Surveillance
Wednesday July 13, 2016 @07:16PM Theresa May Becomes UK's 'Spy Queen' and New Prime Minister
Wednesday July 13, 2016 @12:48PM Guccifer 2.0 Drops New Documents