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Not-A-Microsoft-Fan writes: Netbooks are making huge waves within the hardware and software industries today, but not many would believe that the whole Netbook craze actually started back around 1996 with the Toshiba Libretto 70CT. Termed technically as a subnotebook because of its small dimensions (given below), the computer is the first that fits all of the qualifications of being what we would term a Netbook today, due in part to its built-in Infrared and PCMCIA hardware, and it's (albeit early) web browsing software.

The hardware includes the two (potentially) wireless PCMCIA and Infrared network connections, Windows 95 OSR 2 with Internet Explorer 2.0, a whole 16MB of RAM and a 120Mhz Intel Pentium processor (we're flying now!).

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The World's (very) First Netbook

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  • Technically the Psion netbook is the only netbook there is...but that's beside the point. I guess most of the H/PCs came a few years later, but don't these resemble modern netbooks more?
  • I had Toshiba Libretto (110CT). Awesome unit, size of a cassette tape. With a small screw-on dock, you had VGA, PS/2, parallel, serial... I used it as a desktop unit at work for well over a year, as well as taking it with me everywhere. It would *easily* fit in my very small camera bag.

    When the next gen U100 came out, I quickly purchased one of these; came with a nice DVD/rw dock.

    However, I had quite a few problems with things. The DVD dock was back for service at least 5 times, and it still doesn't wo

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