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Submission + - South Carolina Wants to Jam Cell Phone Signals (

Corey Brook writes: " The South Carolina state prison system wants the FCC to grant them and local officers permission to block cell phone signals. News has been out about the growing problem of them perps smuggling cell phones into prisons for a while now. Inmates use cell phones as commerce, to implement fraud, smuggle drugs and weapons, and to order hits. Of course, some may use it to just talk to a loved one any time they can.

CellAntenna Corp is one of the private companies that are advocating for the FCC to allow local officers and State officials to use technology that blocks the signal of mobile phones. Their reasoning is that since the Federal Prison systems as well as Federal law enforcement are allowed to use the technology for, say, stopping the detonation of a bomb via a cell phone, then the local law enforcement should be allowed to do the same thing.

Source: Greenville Online"

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South Carolina Wants to Jam Cell Phone Signals

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