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Wireless Networking

Submission + - OLPC mesh networking tester explains how it works (

An anonymous reader writes: James Cameron is an engineer working on the OLPC project, specifically testing the wireless network capabilities of the OLPC XO laptop. Cameron lives in a small town called Tooraweenah in a remote region of the Australian outback. There is little noise in the spectrum there so it is perfect for testing the wireless networking capabilities of the XO as it mirrors the kind of rural, spacious environment the XO is intended to be deployed in. Cameron breaks down exactly how the OLPC XO's mesh networking works, including the cheap US$35 solar powered mesh nodes that can be mounted on top of a tree to further the networks reach. Testing in the Australian outback, Cameron discovered that the range of the XO could go up to 1.6km "quite easily" at 1.5m above ground. "Assuming a range of 1.6km holds true, (the mathematical formula for area of a circle) Pi R squared tells us one well placed mesh node will cover up to eight square kilometres." The article also includes numerous pictures of the mesh nodes and testing of the XO.
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OLPC mesh networking tester explains how it works

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