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Submission + - Author of EternalRocks SMB Worm Calls It Quits After Intense Media Coverage (

An anonymous reader writes: The developer of the EternalRocks SMB worm appears to have shut down his operation, following the intense media coverage his malware has received in the past seven days.

According to a message he posted on the homepage of his own command-and-control server, the malware's author seems to have been scared by the intense and apocalyptic headlines the world's media has been running about his SMB worm. These headlines are just fearmongering, since EternalRocks never delivered any malware, but the worm was discovered after the WannaCry ransomware outbreak, which also used a SMB worm to spread.

Nonetheless, the Croatian researcher who uncovered the worm doesn't believe the malware author's explanation. He says the crook had to give up on his SMB worm because he exposed his infrastructure, and law enforcement agencies are now keeping a close eye on him. Doing anything malicious would be extremely hard, as he would only reveal more clues about his location.

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Author of EternalRocks SMB Worm Calls It Quits After Intense Media Coverage

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