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Submission + - Under Armour-Lockheed Designed Suit Blamed for Poor US Speedskating Perfomance ( 1

Koreantoast writes: The United States surprisingly poor performance in speedskating, despite strong performances in recent World Cup events, has been blamed in part on an untested speedskating suit. The Mach 39, designed through a joint venture between Under Armour and Lockheed Martin, was supposed to provide Team USA with a high tech advantage, using advanced fluid dynamic models and dimpled surface to disrupt air flow and improve comfort. Instead, performances have been disastrous thus far, with athletes going as far as modifying their suits at the Olympics to try and reverse their fortunes. The suits have caused enough concerns that US Speedskating is taking the unusual step of seeking special dispensation from International Skating Union to ditch the high tech suits and switch back to their old uniforms. Teams are normally required to keep the same equipment through the entire Games. Insert jokes and comparisons to Lockheed's more famous product, the JSF, here.
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Under Armour-Lockheed Designed Suit Blamed for Poor US Speedskating Perfomance

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  • If this is true, that a small design flaw in the suit is enough to drop people from placing to a much lower place (over a second in some cases) that really seems like a bad thing. Why is it possible for different countries to use different tech in the first place? The ones with the best engineering team win? That's ridiculous. Level the playing field and have all the participants use the exact same equipment and have the contest settled by the individual's skill, not their equipment!

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