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Submission + - ZDNet proclaims "Windows: It's over" 1

plastick writes: "You can think Windows 8 will evolve into something better, but the numbers show that Windows is coming to a dead end."

ZDNet is known to take the side of Microsoft in the past. ZDNet's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explains "The very day the debate came to an end, this headline appeared: IDC: Global PC shipments plunge in worst drop in a generation. Sure, a lot of that was due to the growth of tablets and smartphones and the rise of the cloud, but Windows 8 gets to take a lot of the blame too. After all, the debate wasn't whether or not Windows 8 was any good. It's not. The debate was over whether it could be saved."
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ZDNet proclaims "Windows: It's over"

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  • When even many non-nerds saw that the Surface was not going to catch on when it was announced last year. (To be fair, many people snickered at the "iPad" before it hit the market.) But throw in a whole new interface, copy that interface to the new version of Windows, yet make apps/programs incompatible across platforms. And the average Joe could see this was a recipe for disaster. The nerds among us already have hands-on experience with the also-rans--especially those of us who scored in the HP TouchPad fi

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