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mikejuk writes: After acquiring Ray Kurzweill and presumably buying into the singularity, the Google singularity that is, the company that does no evil has now got the leading neural network researcher and his best crew. University of Toronto Professor of Computer Science Geoffrey Hinton and his DNNresearch team work in the area of “deep learning” networks. Google has taken the unusual step of putting Hinton on its payroll while allowing him to divide his time between his university research in Toronto and his work at Google headquarters in Mountain View. Google has also agreed to help fund DNNresearch to the tune of $600,000 to support further work in neural networks. According to Google Fellow Jeff Dean, Hinton’s work has applications for voice- and image-based searches. As more and more users send search queries by snapping a picture from or speaking to their smartphones, Google has spent more research dollars trying to figure out ways to automatically derive contextual clues from images and sound.
The combination of Hinton's expertise and Google's data and processing power should lead to some interesting results — Google results..

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Google Buying Up AI Researchers

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