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Submission + - Which Web Browser Should You Run On Your Android Device? (tomshardware.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: This site regularly does performance shootouts of the top desktop Web browsers, and they've finally tested the options available on Android. Due to Apple's anti-3rd-party browser stance, and Windows RT's IE-only advantage on the "Desktop", Android is the only mobile platform where browser competition is thriving. The results are pretty surprising, with the long-time mobile browsers like Dolphin, Maxthon, Sleipnir, and the stock Android browser coming out ahead of desktop favorites like Firefox, Opera, and even Chrome. Dolphin, thanks to its new Jetpack HTML5 engine, soars ahead of the competition.
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Which Web Browser Should You Run On Your Android Device?

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  • Chrome is the default browser for Android versions 4.0 and up. I love how I can access my cloud-based Google Bookmarks anywhere now. I've always felt that's how bookmarks should be - duh!

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