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Submission + - Major Apple shakeup - Forstall out; iOS executive fired for maps debacle? ( 1

noh8rz10 writes: Wow, just wow. Apple fires Scott Forstall, who grew iOS from its inception. Rumors say its the Maps, and problems with Siri as well. Jony Ive taking a larger human interface role, which will probably kill the skeumorphic interfaces that he hates. Browett out as well as the retail head; he never won the trust of the community. What does such a major shakeup say about Tim Cook's leadership? Decisive action, or flip-flopping?
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Major Apple shakeup - Forstall out; iOS executive fired for maps debacle?

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  • A few weeks ago, Mansfield retired, and then the next thing we knew Cook convinced him to stay with some vague title. Rumor has it that he and Forstall didn't like each other much. The same for Ive and Forstall. According to Apple fan sites, neither would go to meetings with Forstall unless Cook was present. My little finger suggests office politics have more to do with Forstall getting the boot that anything else. As in, "it's him or me!" Priorities, priorities...

    Browett probably just got sacked -- with a

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