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Submission + - TSA Spending $245 Million on "Second Generation" Nude-O-Scope Body Scanners (gsnmagazine.com)

McGruber writes: Continuing its standard practice of wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars (http://news.slashdot.org/story/12/05/09/2014206/congress-the-tsa-is-wasting-hundreds-of-millions-in-taxpayer-dollars), the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has awarded an indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, worth up to $245 Million, (http://www.gsnmagazine.com/node/27302?c=airport_aviation_security) to American Science and Engineering Inc. (http://www.as-e.com/) to deliver an unspecified number of “second generation” Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) screening systems for use at U.S. airports.

As previously reported on slashdot (http://yro.slashdot.org/story/12/06/20/2243228/the-ineffectiveness-of-tsa-body-scanners---now-with-surveillance-camera-footage), Jonathan Corbett proved that TSA's current nude-o-scopes are incapable of actually detecting hidden objects.

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TSA Spending $245 Million on "Second Generation" Nude-O-Scope Body Scanners

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