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Submission + - FCC: Much of Western U.S. is 3G wasteland ( 1

alphadogg writes: The Federal Communications Commission has released a map showing which counties across the U.S. lacked coverage from either 3G or 4G networks and found that wide swaths of the western half of the country were 3G wastelands, particularly in mountainous states such as Idaho and Nevada. This isn't particularly surprising since it's much more difficult for carriers to afford building out mobile data networks in sparsely populated mountainous regions, but it does underscore how large stretches of the United States lack access to mobile data services that people in the Northeast, South and Midwest now take for granted.
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FCC: Much of Western U.S. is 3G wasteland

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  • Is there a picture of the graph? I apologize if it seems like a dumb question. I read the article and white-listed the page in no-script. Didn't see anything about the actual map. There were over 15 additional site's JS being blocked. White-listing 15 websites to see a picture felt like a bad idea :(

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