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Submission + - Intel stealthily slides into workstation graphics (

MrSeb writes: "The integration of CPU and GPU into a single die and its impact on the computer industry has been discussed at great length over the past few years, but almost always in the context of the consumer market. Intel, at least, has been thinking about professional graphics as well. The company’s Xeon E3-1200 series literature makes direct reference to the Intel P3000 graphics family and claims that the P3000 offers “up to 4x better performance than Intel HD Graphics 3000.” The company’s literature repeatedly stresses that the P3000 is strictly an entry-level part, but even so, it outperforms Nvidia's $200 entry-level FX 580 Quadro — and remember, you still have to buy a CPU to go with the graphics card. Is Intel making a move into Nvidia’s space?"
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Intel stealthily slides into workstation graphics

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