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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Why the Lack of Worry about Populati 4

Junks Jerzey writes: While everyone bickers about the validity and causes of global warming, the earth's population is growing at amazing rates. In under a century we'll be hitting limits on fresh water and food production. And if global warming is true, the addition of 3+ billion people in the next fifty years isn't exactly going to slow things down. So why the lack of concern about the more concrete problem?
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Ask Slashdot: Why the Lack of Worry about Populati

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  • Because you'd have to start getting serious about birth control, and that's definitely counter-agenda in today's USA. There are two other unfortunates... It's also counter-agenda wherever religious conservatives wield any significant power, and the USA has still some significant sway in pushing its religious conservative agenda overseas.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      But the west isn't where the population growth is. Population growth has slowed considerably in the US (discounting immigration), and is actually dropping in some European countries. It's places like India and China that have population problems, and China has been addresing them (and causing other societal problems as well).

      • by dpilot ( 134227 )

        That's why I also mentioned our ability to push our religious conservative policies overseas. We now have foreign aid policies that may exclude things like family planning or AIDS assistance programs that exclude condoms, etc.

  • Religion gets in the way. No one wants to say "you can't have children" unless you are an irreligious despot. David Attenborough has cited clear evidence that the alternative is education of women. But this too is stopped by religion. Men running so many religions have no incentive to let women be fully educated. You need evidence? Look at the issues around women bishops.

    But when the US still has states hooked on the creation thing and the Pope still frowning on contraception, I can see no chance of global

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