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Submission + - manufacturers prepare for augmented reality drivin (

An anonymous reader writes: Manufacturers at CES are showing off their future integration of mobile computing technologies and automobiles:

"As digital tech — and our expectations for it — becomes more mobile, carmakers are taking notice. Many automotive designers here seem to have taken inspiration from smartphones, with their promise of being always connected and their vast menu of apps for every purpose.

Simply point your hand at them, and the icons open to show real-time information: when that bridge over there was built, what band is playing at that nightclub on the left, whether that new café up the street has any tables available. Wave your hand again, and you've made a restaurant reservation."

CNN notes: "All these advancements may make driving more interesting. Or they may spoil one of modern society's last refuges from the hyper-connected digital world. Either way, they are coming soon."

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manufacturers prepare for augmented reality drivin

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