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Submission + - Microsoft Superphone to Dethrone iPhone5? ( 2

smitty777 writes: Forbes is running an intriguing story on a new "Superphone" under development by the folks at Microsoft. According to this leaked MS roadmap document, the plan is to build the Apollo based phone in the 4th quarter of 2012. FTA: "In the end, however, none of this matters. Microsoft’s “peek into the future” is barely a glimpse into what the company may or may not have planned for 2012. While the “superphone” bullet is worth noting, it is not the confirmation of a revolutionary new product. At best, it indicates that Microsoft wishes to compete with Apple by offering a product that is, well, super.". It's also interesting that Sony and AT&T also appear to be working on superphones of their own. All this hype left me wondering what actually does make a phone "super" anyway?
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Microsoft Superphone to Dethrone iPhone5?

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