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Submission + - Samsung Nexus Prime goes for a video tour, along w (

An anonymous reader writes: From the Article( ) : " Today, a Romanian gadget blog, called, posted a leak of the new Samsung Nexus Prime. This version of the Nexus Series(Google's Android flag bearer) runs the next version of Android: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This version is meant to combine Honycomb(Android 3.0) with Gingerbread(Android 2.3) into one OS, that will run on all devices. In addition to the merger of the two OS's, it also changes the Android UI a bit. One major change, is that the icons and the UI is a lot more sophisticated and clean, making even iOS look old and clunky. Also, it removes the requirement for Android phones to have hard/soft-hard mixed buttons, in favor of allowing manufacturers to use whichever type of button they wish. Also, it adds a soft button on the lock screen, to go straight to the camera app. The entire OS has been changed, and I would encourage you to watch the video to the left in order to get a better feel for what its like."
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Samsung Nexus Prime goes for a video tour, along w

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