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Submission + - Sexting now illegal in Florida ( 5

SonicSpike writes: No more sexy texts for teens. Starting on Saturday, teen "sexting" is illegal in Florida.
The new state law, which passed in June, bans teens from sending nude or racy photos to each other by phone.The first offense is a non-criminal violation punishable by eight hours of community service or a $60 fine. The second strike is a first-degree misdemeanor. "Sexting" becomes a felony on the third offense, carrying a maximum five-year prison sentence.

The new law softens punishment for teen offenders, who often were prosecuted under child porn laws and labeled as sex offenders.

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Sexting now illegal in Florida

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  • That is absolutely insane.
  • 1. Who defines racy?

    2. Sending titillating pictures (of oneself) harms no one. Anyone who says otherwise is misplacing blame from jackass / immature (ex)-boy / girl-friends to the sender(s) / receiver(s).

    3. If "offenders" were eighteen there it would be obviously legal but, although age of consent in Florida is eighteen, there is a close age exception, so those close in age could legally "fuck each other's brains out" but cannot send pictures of their body.

    The fuck?

    • While I absolutely agree that this behavior should not be illegal under any circumstances, the purpose of the law seems to be to prevent children from being categorized as sex offenders. This law creates a separate category for this type of offense, so it seems to be an improvement over the children potentially being labeled sex offenders with all the baggage that carries.

      In short, it is a hell of a lot of work to re-write entire categories of law (sex-related crimes) to accommodate one special circumst

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