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Submission + - First Alpha of Qt for Android Released (sourceforge.net) 1

An anonymous reader writes: In the wake of the Nokia's announcement that it will be cheerfully throwing its existing developer community under a bus by not offering Qt for Windows Phone, a project to implement Qt on Android has announced its initial alpha release. Necessitas project lead Bogdan Vatra writes, 'I had a dream that one day, I'll be able to deploy existing Qt software on any Android platform. I had a dream that one day, all Qt applications will use system wide shared Qt libraries. I had a dream that one day, all Qt applications once compiled and deployed to one android platform, will run on any other newer android platform and will last for years without any recompilation. I had a dream that one day, I'll be able to create, manage, compile debug and deploy Qt apps using a first class citizen IDE. Now, those dreams become reality.' The Necessitas wiki offers some documentation on Qt for Android. A demo video of Qt for Android in action is also available.
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First Alpha of Qt for Android Released

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  • (Meego/Qt UI with access to Android "ecosystem")

    At least it might be still big also on their mobiles, apparently [youtube.com] (via [nokia.com]; creepy fella... and of course "the future of Qt is healthy and long lived" sounds a bit funny now / well, lots of licensees do use it...) - which only makes sense, over time feature phones of today evolve into new smarpthones of tomorrow... or the other way around (hey, it is arbitrary anyway). S40, by far the most popular phone platform on the planet, already has Webkit, touch UI, GPS..

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