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Submission + - Why the HTML5 logo adds to the confusion (

nk497 writes: The WC3 has unveiled a sharp new logo for HTML5, but is creating confusion by including web technologies such as CSS3, WOFF and SVG. "CSS3 is not part of HTML5," notes developer Ian Devlin. "But the W3C appears to be supporting the fact that it is, thus adding to the confusion and in my eyes bowing down to the marketing types who don’t understand such things. Developers do, and yet the W3C seems to be trying to convince the developers to also shove CSS3 under the HTML5 umbrella." He says he won't do it: "I’m putting my hands over my ears like a child and am simply not listening. CSS3 is not part of HTML5, and neither are SVG and WOFF for that matter."
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Why the HTML5 logo adds to the confusion

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