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Submission + - Why Apple's iPad Has Been Good for Sprint ( 1

itwbennett writes: Today, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said in an interview with Om Malik that iPad has been good to his company because many people are opting for the Wi-Fi only iPad and pairing it with Sprint's 3G/4G Overdrive MiFi device (which the company sells with a special Overdrive case for the iPad) rather than choosing an iPad 3G that is limited to AT&T's network. The statement illustrates that many consumers are seeing the advantages to of choosing lower-cost devices without integrated 3G and pairing one or more of them with a more robust MiFi solution.
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Why Apple's iPad Has Been Good for Sprint

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  • Steve Jobs is famous for rigorous standards on the HW and SW for his latest technology -- it needs to be the best, so it can "just work." Yet there is a bit of light shining through the bars of the walled garden ... the connectivity provider. By opting for WiFi only in the device, users may choose Sprint, or even Verizon, to bring 3G connectivity to their device. I wonder if there are any data on how often this has been done using non-AT&T local hotspots? Or if it is being done with iPod Touch device

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