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Submission + - Integrating Flash with the Arduino (oreilly.com)

blackbearnh writes: I know, you're already screaming "But why?!!!" However, as it turns out, there are lots of valid reasons you might want to stick a nice UI frontend on top of something tiny, like an Arduino. Mike Chambers, who manages the Flash product line for Adobe, is also an ardent tinkerer with little computers, and talked to O'Reilly about the ways in which people are integrating Flash with SBCs and other small beasties. He even raises the possibility that Flash itself could run on an Arduino-like device. "We have already seen people run Adobe Flash on the BeagleBoard, which is similar to the Arduino. Given how fast the speed of these devices is increasing and the costs are falling, I suspect well will see more and more examples of Flash running directly on these types of devices."
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Integrating Flash with the Arduino

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