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Submission + - The Shortcomings of Google's Open Handset Alliance (

eldavojohn writes: Former T-Mobile and Apple executive Leslie Grandy reports some pretty harsh words about Google's Open Handset Alliance. We've heard grumblings before about control in open source projects but now an unnamed former leader of an OHA member company is calling the OHA "oligarchical" and said, "The power is concentrated with the Google employees who manage the open source project. The Open Handset Alliance is another myth. Since Google managed to attract sufficient industry interest in 2008, the OHA is simply a set of signatures with membership serving only as a VIP Club badge." But what privileges do they have? Not much. The OHA's problems don't stop there, Grandy maintains that "many OHA members are developing proprietary user experiences, which they are not contributing back into to Android--as is standard for open source projects--for fear of losing competitive advantage in the marketplace." She goes on to paint the OHA as toothless and directionless with a nearly abandoned message board. It's been around for almost three years and while Android has become more prevalent, the OHA's contributions seemingly have not. Do you agree that the OHA has amounted to nothing but a checkbox for manufacturers?
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The Shortcomings of Google's Open Handset Alliance

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