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Submission + - SPAM: Windows 7 can create rogue Wi-Fi access point 2

alphadogg writes: Windows 7 contains a "SoftAP" feature, also called "virtual Wi-Fi," that allows a PC to function simultaneously as a Wi-Fi client and as an access point to which other Wi-Fi-capable devices can connect. The capability is handy when users want to share music and play interactive games. But it also can allow on-site visitors and parking-lot hackers to piggyback onto the user's laptop and "ghost ride" into a corporate network unnoticed.
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Windows 7 can create rogue Wi-Fi access point

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  • I'm pretty sure Windows XP had this feature in "Internet Connection Sharing" (ICS). How is this a huge new vector?

    So says Gopinath KN, director of engineering at AirTight Networks, a wireless intrusion-prevention system (WIPS) and service company that has analyzed the SoftAP capability.

    Oh, well, as long as he's not just reprinting a press release that's trying to sell us something.

    AirTight, of course, has a vested interest in discussing the SoftAP vulnerability. WIPS products such as AirTight's [...] scan the airwaves for unauthorized devices in the airspace -- such as a Windows 7 SoftAP -- and flag them as rogues that clients are not permitted to associate with.

    Still another is to install mobile device management [...] AirTight, in addition to offering WIPS, also has such a client agent it calls SpectraGuard SAFE,[...]

    Does it solve ring-around-the-collar and get my whole wash clean, too? Can it be used to scrub those nasty stains off, say, ASTROTURF?

  • If you don't password this "virtual AP", you deserve everything you get.

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