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Submission + - Google Reduces Its Nexus One Termination Fee (

CWmike writes: The only smartphone Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds doesn't hate is that much less unlikable now that Google has quietly chopped $200 off its early termination fee on the Nexus One, meaning it will now cost users less to cancel service on the smartphone. Customers who cancel the service had been paying $550, including a $350 Google cancellation charge. That fee has been reduced to $150, but users are still subject to an additional $200 early termination fee from T-Mobile. That means that, in total, they'll have to pay a total of $350 for canceling service within 120 days. Users have a 14-day grace period during which they do not have to pay either charge, although they may be hit with a restocking fee. The $350 total fee matches one of the highest in the industry, charged by Verizon. Google did not announce the change but simply altered its online terms-of-service document.
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Google Reduces Its Nexus One Termination Fee

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