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Submission + - US McDonald's Wi-Fi Going Free in January ( 3

Knowzy writes: After five years behind a paywall, McDonald's plans to stop charging for its Wi-Fi in mid-January in the US. According to the Dallas Morning News, you aren't even required to make a purchase. It's also been widely reported that they won’t impose time limits on your surfing. With around 20,000 free hotspots between McDonald’s and Starbucks (who went free(ish) earlier this year), anyone still charging for Wi-Fi is going to look downright greedy.
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US McDonald's Wi-Fi Going Free in January

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  • My apologies- the Starbucks link doesn't discuss how to get free Wi-Fi at their stores. Here's a better link: []

    Thanks for your consideration of my submission.

  • It might just be me, but if I have go to McDonalds, I want to eat, then get the hell out of there. I don't want that plastic statue of Ronald McDonald watching me check my email. Making it free isn't going to change my mind about that.
    • by Knowzy ( 950793 )

      Even if you don't like McDonald's food and creepy clown statues (who can blame you), McDonald's is the biggest Wi-Fi network in the US. It used to be pay-to-play. Soon it will be free.

      I believe this will be the watershed event that forces the remaining paid Wi-Fi networks go free or become irrelevant.

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