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Glyn Moody writes: The response to Google's Chromium OS has been rather lukewarm. But supposing it's just part of something much bigger: a netbook computer from Google that would cost absolutely nothing. Because all the apps and data are stored in the cloud, storage requirements would be minimal; screens are getting cheaper, and the emphasis on lean code means that a low-cost processor could be used. Those relatively small hardware costs could then be covered by advertising *in the apps* — after all, they are just Web pages. Interestingly, Google has not only rolled out advertising to more of its services recently, it has also started running AdSense ads in the desktop application Google Earth. Would you accept a free Google netbook — or is the price you would pay in terms of the company knowing even more about what you do on an hour-by-hour basis just too high?
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Would You Accept Google's Free Netbook?

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  • Seriously. Why would any sane person give up their privacy and data ownership and control to this stupid shit?
    • I could see myself looking at the advertising and thinking "Free..." much like Homer Simpson says "Doughnuts". I do take steps to protect myself online but I suspect I am, in fact, completely compromised and thus a victim waiting for a mugger. And if indeed I am screwed then "if it's free, then its for me!" FINALLY something for relative nothing. I sure hope it is somewhat a robust netbook - I don't want a piece of junk for free (I have standards damn it - I'm not street booty). And as there are a lot

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