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Submission + - Chrome OS: Is it just about more AdWords? ( 1

CokoBWare writes: There's a lot of hype about Chrome OS today in the news, because naturally, it was just released and is open source. Cory Koski suggests that Chrome OS isn't about the AdWords and all the advertising that is going to display in their new OS, but maybe it's more about getting third-parties to deploy their applications to the Google platform, to run on the Google App Engine (which we all know isn't free to third parties). Maybe this is Google's way of beating Microsoft to the punch. Microsoft may be right, and that applications will eventually run in the cloud, but Chrome OS seems to be poised to make sure the cloud we use is Google's cloud, not Microsoft's or Amazon's.
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Chrome OS: Is it just about more AdWords?

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  • Your web habits and IP and lifestyle are all now up for sale :)
    The web is an ad and the ad the web.
    Your life is bought and sold one click at a time.
    Good luck shutting out all google cookies in their OS ;)

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