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Submission + - Thou shall not infringe my 10 patents (scribd.com) 3

Tasha26 writes: So it's been in the news and on Slashdot that Apple's iphone allegedly infringes 10 of Nokia's patent. Since that number was so precise, I did some digging up within the official complaint and here's the list of infringements:
1. Patent 5,802,465: Data transmission in a radio telephone network.
2. Patent 5,862,178: Method and apparatus for speech transmission in a mobile communications system.
3. Patent 5,946,651: Speech synthesizer employing post-processing for enhancing the quality of the synthesized speech.
4. Patent 6,359,904: Data transfer in a mobile telephone network.
5. Patent 6,694,135: Measurement report transmission in a telecommunications system.
6. Patent 6,775,548: Access channel for reduced access delay in a telecommunications system.
7. Patent 6,882,727: Method of ciphering data transmission in a radio system.
8. Patent 7,009,940: Integrity check in a communication system.
9. Patent 7,092,672: Reporting cell measurement results in a cellular communication system.
10. Patent 7,403,621: System for ensuring encrypted communication after handover

Gee, I guess those folks at Nokia are really feeling the profit squeeze resulting from customers shifting to iPhones and Blackberries, and the recession on top of it!

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Thou shall not infringe my 10 patents

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  • I'm not a patent lawyer, but some of these appear generic enough to apply to more manufacturers than just Apple. Also seems plausible that these could be use to sue carriers as well - but since Nokia phones are worthless without a carrier, I can imagine why they are holding back the hounds.

    Are there any ramifications of a patent holder selectively suing?

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