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Submission + - Alzheimer's Disease linked to Sleep Deprivation ( 3

sonnejw0 writes: "NewScientist is reporting a link between sleep deprivation and increased amyloid-beta plaque load, the protein thought responsible for a large part of the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, in mice. Medication to abrogate insomnia reduced the plaque load. Also discussed is a recently discovered sleep cycle of amyloid-beta deposition in the brain, in which levels decrease while asleep. From the article:

"Holtzman also tried sending the mice to sleep with a drug that is being trialled for insomnia, called Almorexant. This reduced the amount of plaque-forming protein. He suggests that sleeping for longer could limit the formation of plaques, and perhaps block it altogether."


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Alzheimer's Disease linked to Sleep Deprivation

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  • There is actually a big row over whether sleep deprivation is the cause or a symptom of many psychological disorders, including schizophrenia, depression, etc. I believe this is the first study to link sleep deprivation to such a large physiological/anatomical change, but I could be mistaken.
  • I wonder if we will start to see a spike in cases of Alzheimer's and other mental disorders in around 20 years or so, once everyone who was of university age in the mid 90's (ie around when the web started to eat into sleep patterns :p) starts to get up in age...

    THANKS INTERNET - what did we ever do to you!? :p
    • THANKS INTERNET - what did we ever do to you!? :p

      1. Microsoft implemented ActiveX
      2. Users started designing websites in Perl without learning the language first
      3. 4chan
      4. Youtube comments
      5. Twitter
      6. Facebook
      7. Emo poetry on blog sites
      8. ...

      Do I really need to continue? =P

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