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Comcast's New Wireless Service Goes Live For Current Xfinity Subscribers ( 52

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Digital Trends: Comcast already pipes internet into millions of homes, and now it wants to take its service to the airwaves. In April, the media giant announced the details of a new service, Xfinity Mobile, that will compete toe-to-toe with Google Fi, US Cellular, and incumbents like AT&T and T-Mobile. Now it appears the company is in the initial stages of launching the service nationwide. If you're already an Xfinity subscriber, you can head to the company's new mobile website now to get started. The service is available in all markets in which Comcast already operates. Xfinity Mobile features an unlimited data, talk, and text plan starting at $65 a month for up to five lines ($45 per line for customers with Comcast's top X1 TV packages), or $12 per GB a month a la carte. The unlimited option has been reduced to $45 a month through July 31 for the network's first customers. A combination of Comcast's 16 million Wi-Fi hot spots and Verizon's network will supply coverage, and, as with Google's Fi technology, phones will automatically switch between Wi-Fi and cellular depending on network conditions. Xfinity Mobile customers have their choice of the iPhone, 7, 6S, and SE series, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 series, and the LG X Power.Here's a good review of Xfinity Mobile.
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Comcast's New Wireless Service Goes Live For Current Xfinity Subscribers

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  • Hooray! (Score:5, Funny)

    by American AC in Paris ( 230456 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2017 @08:17PM (#54438121) Homepage

    ...and here I was just dreaming about ways I could get even more Comcast in my life!

    • by gfxguy ( 98788 )
      Seriously... after reading the summary, I just feel like cancelling everything so that I don't have to deal with any of these companies any more.
  • If Comcast is just reselling a real carrier's air time then I'll continue to try to subscribe to Consumer Cellular for much less money. Except that no matter how many different ways I tried to sign up today CC's web site landed me on an internal error page, so they are not selling anything until they fix that problem.

    Like others I don't want any more Comcast in my life. Less would be just peachy!

  • by Anonymous Coward

    and they've already charged me twice for two things I didn't order. The first was $89.99 for an installer to visit my place which is wrong because I didn't have anyone come out. I plugged my own cable into the wiring, and it worked. The second was for $14.99 for a self-install kit which I didn't order and their web site showed a $0 charge for that. I've already wasted nearly eight hours on the phone trying to get those charges removed. So far, I've been laughed at and called a moron for thinking I coul

    • Comcast killed my parents and are holding me hostage.
  • Is it not amazing, what the sheer power of KKKorporate greed can do to improve service-offerings and lower prices? For everyone — including the poor, the women, and the children?

    That just wouldn't do — we must demand some reasonable regulation to put an end to these developments!

  • Don't care. (Score:4, Informative)

    by roc97007 ( 608802 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2017 @08:52PM (#54438321) Journal

    I'm sorry, if Comcast was offering superfast wifi for almost nuthin', I'd still not take them up on it. Doing business with Comcast was such a horrible experience the first time, I can't see myself ever voluntarily buying anything from them again. The very idea makes my skin crawl. Back in the day, I went back to DSL to get away from them. (Later, the local phone company put in fiber, and I've been happily comcast-free ever since.)

  • by Guillermito ( 187510 ) on Wednesday May 17, 2017 @09:23PM (#54438487) Homepage

    One of the nice things about Google Fi is that you get international data coverage at the same rates as in the US. So you can use your phone abroad freely and be sure you won't be incurring in outrageous charges. No more hunting for local prepaid SIM cards, no more changing your number. You're connected 100% of the time. It's one less thing to worry about while you travel.

    On the other hand, according to the Xfinity FAQ "Using your phone while abroad (for calls, texts, or data) can lead to data roaming fees, which can add up in a hurry."

    So thanks, but no thanks.

    • I'm not sure how they can even compare this to Fi. Fi is $20 a phone for all you can eat Phone and SMS and $10 a Gig for data flat rate with credit back for any unsed data. What Comcast is attempting to offer here is the same bullshit marked up service that ATT, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are selling. It's not competitive and I predict it will be dead in 2 years.

  • Because surely this has nothing to do with Net Neutrality...shocking.
  • You have to buy a new phone/device in order to sign up.
  • A Comcast add in my /. feed?!?

    Bad dog! You go outside!
  • Unless you use a ton of data, which I don't, Project Fi is a much better deal. 95% of the time, my wife and I are on wifi networks. We're either at home or work or a place with wifi. We end up using about 1 gig a month total between us, which leaves us a whopping ~$55 bill each month. I suppose if you're stuck on mass transit for hours on end, this is a good deal. Otherwise, I don't see it.

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