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BlackBerry Back In Profit 67

An anonymous reader sends word that BlackBerry, hit hard over the past several years by the emergence of smart phones, has come back to profitability. BlackBerry has been fighting an uphill battle to stay relevant in the world of mobile devices. It has lost market share to Apple, companies like Samsung that offer gadgets running on Google's Android operating system, and Microsoft. But John Chen, who took over as CEO in November, has injected new life to the company. Chen, who says BlackBerry is getting close to breaking even on its hardware business, has steered the company's focus more towards software. He's made several product announcements that Wall Street has cheered. Last month, the company launched its Project Ion, an initiative to develop more connected devices ... a trend dubbed the Internet of Things. On Wednesday, BlackBerry reached a deal with Amazon that will let users of BlackBerry's newest operating system access Android apps in Amazon's appstore later this fall.
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BlackBerry Back In Profit

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  • by Animats ( 122034 ) on Saturday June 21, 2014 @03:57PM (#47289663) Homepage

    Blackberry may make a comeback as the "big business smartphone". All the other smartphones are slaves to Apple or Google or a carrier. Blackberry phones are slaves to the enterprise Blackberry server, and Blackberry itself doesn't see phone traffic. Blackberry is the only major vendor serious about security and encryption. Everybody else is into advertising revenue.

  • by Stormwatch ( 703920 ) <<moc.liamtoh> <ta> <oarigogirdor>> on Saturday June 21, 2014 @04:43PM (#47289801) Homepage

    That was not Brazil, I assume. I've only seen a Blackberry here once, in some in-store kiosk, years before smartphones became mainstream. Nowadays, everyone has Androids, iPhones, even WP, while Blackberry has vanished.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 21, 2014 @06:26PM (#47290171)

    Right. Super serious about security, enough to give the decryption keys to any country that asks. I feel very safe knowing the Indian and Saudi governments can read any of my messages.

  • Re:Blame Canada (Score:0, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 21, 2014 @06:34PM (#47290209)

    BYOD is a disaster from a security standpoint. Shared Services made the correct choice.

  • by gavron ( 1300111 ) on Sunday June 22, 2014 @03:02AM (#47291917)

    The slashdot headline says "..Back in Profit." Unfortunately not so.

    The original article is informative. Under Chen's leadership Blackberry has
    increased their profitability so they are no longer losing so much money.

    They are, however, NOT PROFITABLE. Their loss prior to some accounting
    tricks (that will make the number worse) is $0.11/shr. That means an
    investor holding 1000 shares just lost $110 (if he/she sold them).

    While profitability as a measure of how well a company performs is good,
    and acknowledging that LOSING MILLIONS is a lot better than LOSING
    HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS (see e.g. Radio Shack)... Blackberry has a
    long long way to go.

    The article ends with the two avenues Blackberry is pursuing: hardware and
    software (how inventive, right?)
    - Hardware: they're going to try and create Internet enabled gadgets. As
    Blackberry's core hardware competence has always been its bundled
    business services this is a big departure. They fight uphill against
    Samsung watches, Apple gizmos, Google's Nest, etc.
    - Sofware: They bought the right to allow their product to access the
    Amazon Play Store (android apps from Amazon only). The win here
    is they prove their product REALLY CAN run android apps. The lose
    is that instead of opening it up to the Google Play store (most
    android apps) they've allowed a limited (by Amazon) subset of apps,
    and most designed to siphon extra $$$ and hand them off to Amazon.
    This is something we can expect to see Amazon touting as a win in
    it's 10Q.

    I wish them well. I was surprised by the headline. BlackBerry is
    doing well to reduce loss, and less loss is higher profitability, but
    they're still chewing threw their cash and unless they stem and
    correct that they will be gone.


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