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Free Wi-Fi Coming To Atlanta's Airport 135

stephendavion (2872091) writes 'Passengers can now access free Wi-Fi at the world's busiest airport. Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has dropped its $5 fee to access Wi-Fi in its terminals. "Now, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and airport officials plan to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of the amenity at the airport Wednesday," reports Kelly Yamanouchi of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ... Interm airport manager Miguel Southwell tells Yamanouchi officials believe dropping the Wi-Fi charge will alleviate a "competitive disadvantage" for Hartsfield-Jackson.' I'm puzzled sometimes that so many airports do not yet offer free Wi-Fi, especially ones loaded with businesses (like Starbucks and McDonalds) that have made this a big draw in their non-airport locations. On the other hand, given a captive audience and the temptation for exclusive contracts, maybe I should be grateful that so many do have at least limited free coverage, and that the trend seems positive.
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Free Wi-Fi Coming To Atlanta's Airport

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  • by The New Guy 2.0 ( 3497907 ) on Thursday June 05, 2014 @11:32AM (#47172171)

    Those who keep good records used to get the $5 back from their boss, just charging it to the card they charge the rest of the trip expenses to. Who did this suck for? The kids who were traveling on vacation... yep, WiFi is the entertainment system that keeps you from getting bored at the airport.

  • Puzzled? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by drinkypoo ( 153816 ) <> on Thursday June 05, 2014 @11:33AM (#47172183) Homepage Journal

    I'm puzzled sometimes that so many airports do not yet offer free Wi-Fi, especially ones loaded with businesses (like Starbucks and McDonalds) that have made this a big draw in their non-airport locations.

    The airport is already a big draw. Nobody is choosing an alternate mode of transportation of driving far out of their way so they can fly out of another airport just because the airport doesn't have free Wi-Fi. If you can afford to do that, you can afford a cellular hotspot.

  • by Voyager529 ( 1363959 ) <voyager529@y[ ] ['aho' in gap]> on Thursday June 05, 2014 @11:38AM (#47172207)

    First, in order for airport wi-fi to not-suck, you'll need a massive subnet with a TTL of no more than 30 minutes. Yes, I've been in airports where a /24 subnet was apparently just dandy...

    Second, everyone who's in an airport seems to want to stream Netflix or something like that; I do hope that Netflix throws a peering widget their way, because the thousands of iPads in that airport will strain the pipe pretty efficiently.

    Third, you're on a single collision domain, half-duplex, along with everyone else. 5GHz may help matters, but 2.4 will still be needed for compatibility, and if you're stuck on it, you'll probably get useful speed out of a dial-up optimized RDP session an an SSH window, but the only way regular web browsing is ever worth it is if you have some absurdly early flight (5AM takeoff or similar), at which point 'using my computer' plays second fiddle to the better activity: sleep.

    Sorry, I've just never seen it worth it. I always load up my hard drive before I go, and I've never regretted it.

    The airport: the worst place to be in the cloud.

  • Re:Puzzled? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday June 05, 2014 @11:50AM (#47172319)

    This isn't an issue about going to an airport, for that they are a captive audience, it's about going to a specific airport. Often times you have a choice which airport you connect through. I'm not going to connect through the one with crappy chairs, crappy food, and no free wifi if there is an alternative with better amenities. While it's not true on every flight you have those choices, however it is true on a lot of flights.

  • by Kevin by the Beach ( 3600539 ) on Thursday June 05, 2014 @11:54AM (#47172349) Homepage
    Mix this with the previous article []... and voila! You aren't a victim you're a volunteer.
  • by cjjjer ( 530715 ) <> on Thursday June 05, 2014 @12:01PM (#47172403)

    You realize that there are private companies that collect *way* more information about you than the NSA does and they sell it to whomever wants to buy it.

    Oh wait I forgot this is /.

    Sorry move along...

  • Re:Puzzled? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Shatrat ( 855151 ) on Thursday June 05, 2014 @01:11PM (#47173107)

    This is about "Well, I can layover in Atlanta, or I can layover in Detroit. Atlanta is a pain in the ass to check my email, so let's go through Detroit".

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