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Microsoft/Nokia Deal Closes 81

Last September Microsoft announced it would be purchasing Nokia's Devices and Services business. The terms have been worked out, the shareholders gave approval, and the regulatory issues were hurdled. As of today, it's official: Nokia's phone business is now Microsoft Mobile. The final price is around $7.5 billion, and 30,000 employees are transferring to Microsoft. "The purchase of the unprofitable division makes Microsoft the world’s second-largest maker of mobile phones with about 14 percent of the market, according to researcher IDC." Here's Nokia's official statement, and a rather more personal one from an employee. According to The Verge, "Nokia's Android handsets are the most intriguing part of the deal, as they shed some light on how Microsoft might approach the messy and complex nature of shipping devices that don't run the company's Windows software. The Nokia X introduces a new "forked" version of Android that’s akin to what Amazon does with its Kindle Fire line, but it also includes a Windows Phone-like UI and an Android store that's separate to Google Play. Microsoft has the chance to control another app store, but also a solid opportunity to push its own cloud-based services." One interesting note: Nokia's phone manufacturing plant in India is not part of the deal because of an ongoing tax dispute. Nokia will continue to operate it as a contract manufacturing unit for Microsoft.
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Microsoft/Nokia Deal Closes

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  • by symbolset ( 646467 ) * on Friday April 25, 2014 @02:29PM (#46843151) Journal
    Let me be the first to welcome Microsoft to the ranks of Linux PC OEMs. Amazing times we live in, eh?
  • Sweet (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 25, 2014 @02:40PM (#46843243)

    Now Microsoft will have a phone you don't want to go along with the tablet you don't want.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 25, 2014 @04:01PM (#46843929)

    Now Microsoft will have a phone you don't want to go along with the tablet you don't want.

    I am SOLD!!

    I am gonna get my MS Phone and Tablet, walk up the iPhone using -iPad carrying people and say, "Hah! I'm one bad ass motherfucker! I'm bucking the trend and I don't even have tattoos!"

    And I'll walk proudly into a LUG group with my Microsoft phone and tablet and when looked at disparagingly, I tell stare back and yell,"You wanna a piece of me! Huh! Yeah! Didn't think so!"

    Hell yeah, I'll be one original guy! Not some sheep iThing user, not some pseudo cool Android user BUT A FUCKING MICROSOFT USER! I'll be TOUGH! Different! A lone wolf!

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