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Americans To FCC Chair: No Cell Calls On Planes, Please 340

jfruh writes "Who says Americans are politically apathetic? The FCC's proposal to allow cellular data — and, if the airline allows it, voice calls — on airplanes unleashed a flood of responses even before the official comment period began this week. The sentiment was overwhelmingly opposed to people talking on phones in flight. Some correspondents spun terrifying hypotheticals about yapping teens, some accused FCC chair Tom Wheeler of flying on private planes and being out of touch with the full-on horror of in-flight chatter, and one person concluded their letter with the word 'no' with letter 'o' repeated 213 times."
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Americans To FCC Chair: No Cell Calls On Planes, Please

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  • by GrumpySteen ( 1250194 ) on Friday January 17, 2014 @02:09PM (#45988811)

    The FCC regulations that banned cell phone usage on planes were based on the idea that the phones EM emissions might interfere with the operation of the airplane's equipment. That has absolutely nothing to do with "regulating behavior they find annoying" and is exactly the type of regulation that the FCC was intended to oversee.

    In the time since those regulations were put in place, it's become increasingly clear that cell phones won't cause interference with the plane's equipment. The FCC is now considering revising the regulations according to the new information. This is what they should be doing and it should be encouraged.

    In the process of reconsidering those regulations, they asked for input from the public. This is also what they should be doing and it should be encouraged.

    It's not the FCC's fault that a bunch of people freaked out and submitted "OMG Nooooo!" comments that had absolutely nothing to do with what the FCC is actually regulating. I feel sorry for whoever has to sort through all of those comments to see if there is anything valid buried in them.

  • by PrimaryConsult ( 1546585 ) on Friday January 17, 2014 @02:37PM (#45989271)

    The popularity of QuietCars on trains (even commuter trains now) seems to indicate that they *are* annoying enough...

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