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Ask Slashdot: Getting Apps To Use Phones' Full Power? 184

First time accepted submitter MurukeshM writes "I have a 16 GB Nexus 4. I rarely manage to push the RAM usage above 1 GB (not counting cached processes). Yet I find it increasingly annoying when apps do stuff to save on RAM usage, such as having a browser reload a tab if I havent used it for a long time, instead of keeping it in memory or have an ebook reader load from storage instead of keeping the entire eBook in RAM. I know there are plenty of phones with far less memory, but when most of the RAM is unutilized, with more and more phones and tablets having 1GB+ RAM, isn't it time that apps check on available RAM and use optimizations accordingly? And it isn't only about RAM. Android by default only downloads one thing at a time, whether it be an app from Play Store or a file from a site. When connected to WiFi or 3G/LTE, there's no reason why multiple simultaneous downloads shouldn't be used. How do Slashdot readers with high-end phones get the most out of their device? Are there custom ROMs which act more sensibly?"
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Ask Slashdot: Getting Apps To Use Phones' Full Power?

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  • Re:Ferrari (Score:5, Funny)

    by Chrisq ( 894406 ) on Tuesday March 26, 2013 @11:27AM (#43281257)

    Dear Slashdot:

    I bought this Ferrari and I live in a suburban part of the US. I can't drive it over 70mph on the highways and I'm constantly in stop and go traffic in the city. It's so frustrating!

    Can anyone of you tell me how to get the most out of my car?

    Sure, Dress in a flashy suit then drive slowly (20mph or less) past a hangout of hot babes. Then go in and ask "anyone fancy a ride?".

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