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LG Not Working On Windows Phone 8 Devices 123

helix2301 sends this quote from CNET: "LG's reluctance to embrace Windows Phone 8 underscores the difficulties that the platform faces with both consumers and vendor partners. LG was one of the early partners that signed on with Microsoft, releasing the LG Quantum in the first wave of Windows Phone devices. Microsoft's has a great relationship with Nokia, which is considered in the industry first among equals when it comes to Microsoft partners, has some vendors reassessing their own support for the operating system. Over the past year or so, LG has been focusing on Android and has started building phones running on Mozilla's Firefox mobile OS."
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LG Not Working On Windows Phone 8 Devices

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  • by c ( 8461 ) <> on Wednesday February 27, 2013 @08:21PM (#43029677)

    For example look at what HTC and the carriers install on Android and which cannot be uninstalled and then cause serious security issues which are never fixed.

    You can't uninstall them, true. But you can disable them, which is effectively equivalent except they still take up disk. And those extra Android apps aren't burning that much disk compared to, say, a default Surface install.

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