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Nvidia Tegra 4 Benchmark Results 42

adeelarshad82 writes "Needless to say, the march of processor speeds always continues. However, Nvidia Tegra 4's benchmark results are off the charts. Comparing the results against several other phones, it was evident that Tegra 4 will make for the fastest mobile phones yet. For instance when benchmarked against iPhone 5, results showed 1640 on Geekbench and 27 fps on GLBenchmark's Egypt HD offscreen benchmark. Whereas the Tegra 4 scores 4148 on Geekbench and 57 fps on the Egypt HD. Of course, the competition isn't standing still, either. Qualcomm is countering the Tegra 4 with its Snapdragon 800, which the company claims is even faster than the Tegra 4. And at the same time Samsung is readying the Exynos 5 Octa."
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Nvidia Tegra 4 Benchmark Results

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  • by suprcvic ( 684521 ) on Monday February 25, 2013 @11:37AM (#43003295)
    Could these recent mobile phone processors be adapted to the desktop?
  • Hasn't tablet performance been "good enough" for a while now ? I know there are a few that use tablets for FPS gaming or content creation, but that's probably around 10% of the buyers ? The rest of us are more interested in creature comforts (good screen, good sound, reliability...), because running a browser, email, and facebook, even office apps, really doesn't take that much ?

    • Nonsense. You can never have too much processing power. It would definately be nice on tablets, or a next-gen Raspberry Pi. Or low power desktop computers. My TV has a CPU that is barely adequate for what it does. I'd love to see the netflix app really run smoothly.

      But what I really want for my phone is better battery life. I'm completely happy with the performance of everything I do on my phone. I just miss the good old days when my flip phone could go 10 days on a charge.

      • and only ever use it to text and make phone calls with no data plan, then it actually has pretty decent battery life. My dad has an LG Optimus L7 with no data plan. Using it for just voice/text it easily goes for multiple days on a charge.

        The problem is that typically we do way more on a smartphone than we used to on feature phones, then we moan about how the battery doesn't last.

        Think about it...part of the benefits of a smartphone is that you can do push email, RSS feeds, location-based reminders, mappi

    • So many sites are so Javascript heavy that it only takes about 3 months after the release of whatever the latest iPad is for it to start feeling slower.

      It almost feels like the site developers were like "finally, more CPU, I can throw more JS into iPad web sessions."

      When using a site like NYTimes.Com and writing a comment to a story was almost undoable on the iPad 1 due to massive lag between keystroke entry and the letter showing on the screen. When I upgraded to the 3 it was usable, but less so if I was

    • When I worked for Nvidia I remember when Jensen came and visited our site. While he was there, he spoke to everyone at our site and he said something that I will never forget. It went something like this: "People don't buy processors. They don't even buy computers. They buy solutions to their problems. You can't sell to people based on stats- you have to show them what they will get if they buy your product." Although many of the websites that discuss video cards live and die by statistics, when you look at
    • by Kelbear ( 870538 )

      For iOS, yes, non-gaming performance is just fine. Navigating and scrolling is perfectly smooth. In Android, there's still some stutter, but small enough to be merely a visual distraction rather than a performance issue.

      In gaming performance, Tegra 3 is impressive, allowing graphics comparable to budget titles on today's console. The main problem with mobile games isn't being throttled by hardware, they're being throttled by their pay model. They can make a good game, but since they need to make money by co

      • I have moved quite a lot of my gaming to my tablet.

        On Friday my company got a new beamer(after the old low-res, knackered one suffered an "accident"). First thing I did was hook up my tablet and test how good the refresh rates were. As it so happens I always have a PS3 controller with me(I use it to control my presentations I give with my tablet). That weird coincidence led to one of our sales reps to beat my times at Riptide GP. Sure, graphics wise tablets can't beat a full blown PC. It may take some tim
  • by Anonymous Coward

    So what? The Tegra has always had impressive benchmarks yet they consistently fail to impress when in an actual product. Is this one finally something more than a paper tiger?

  • by CajunArson ( 465943 ) on Monday February 25, 2013 @12:33PM (#43004023) Journal

    There are 2 different "Tegra4" chips. The Tegra4i is the only one that will ever end up in your smartphone, and it only includes Cortex A9 derived CPU cores and a GPU that, while quite good, includes far few processing units than the big-brother Tegra 4.

    So basically: Of course the full-blown Tegra 4 beats smartphone chips. Guess what: So does Haswell, but you won't be seeing Haswell in smartphones either. There's a price to all that performance and Nvidia is targeting the heavy-weight version of Tegra 4 at tablets because the power draw won't fly in a smaller smartphone platform, where the Tegra4i will be Nvidia's offering.

  • Summary: pathetic vs a real processor, buy a real computer.
  • by default luser ( 529332 ) on Monday February 25, 2013 @01:25PM (#43004675) Journal

    Comparing the results against several other phones, it was evident that Tegra 4 will make for the fastest mobile phones yet.

    Tegra 4 will not be a phone part (at least not in any phoe that values battery life). Those A15 cores suck down batter life like vampires.

    Like Tegra 3, Tegra 4 uses far too much power for mobile phones. The plan this time is to produce two products:

    Tegra 4: 4 + 1 Coretex A15 + 72 shaders, several watts power consumption, aimed at tablets.

    Tegra 4i: 4 + 1 tweaked Coretex A9 + 60 shaders + integrated LTE, much lower power. [] Aimed at phones.

    Nobody has committed to a Smartphone platform using the A15 precisely because the power consumption is too high. It may be tweaked over time, but right out the gate the power is just not there. This is why Apple went their own way with the A6.

  • I thought the mobile version was the slower Tegra4i. Why are they comparing it with the iPhone5 then and not iPad4?

  • by Teun ( 17872 )
    They're only useful when they fit the socket of my n900.
  • Wake me up when the processors are so fast that they can warp the space time continuum...

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