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Open webOS Adopts Apache Cordova for Hardware Access 17

In their December newsletter, Open webOS announced that they've ditched the webOS-specific hardware interface that was part of Enyo 1.x for the Cordova project (formerly PhoneGap). Combined with the portable Enyo 2.0 framework, applications written for webOS are now portable to other platforms (and the other way around). There were also a number of other under-the-hood improvements: "This month we completed and delivered the pluggable keyboard project, WebAppMgr separation and upgrading to Qt 4.8.3. Work continues as planned on upgrading Qt5/webkit2 (more details next month). Also, the complete rewrite of mediaServer has been completed and is now undergoing internal QA testing, look for this to hit the repos in the coming weeks."
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Open webOS Adopts Apache Cordova for Hardware Access

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Why is that feeling always the same? Whenever I go look at one of those Apache Graduated Whatever it's like taking a shower of MarketDroidSpeak. I didn't understand one thing and still feel all dirty. I mean -- quoth

    I mean: how do they do it? What's the gist of it? At which level do they interface to the "camera" and the "accelerometer"? Do they use the underlying OS's "services" or do they just sprinkle magical fairy dust between the Javascript and the devices?

    Of course, "a set of uniform interfaces for u

  • To become part of the HTML5 spec. We've already sort of have it with geolocation, but I seriously thought in the near future we'll see access to cameras etc. without having to use Cordova or some other abstraction library.

  • RIP WebOS

    (Typed on a touchpad running android marvelously)

    • RIP WebOS

      (Typed on a touchpad running android marvelously)

      Spoken like a person that's never used a Pre 3 which I used to beat the Microsoft challenge. The only issue has been stalled development. OpenWebOS is the last hope for this work so I hope they make it a good one. Supporting existing devices is a step in the right direction. Oh, I've got 4 Pre phones in the household, plus three touchpads all hombrew patched with LunaCE and overclocked kernels. Both my and my wife's Touchpad hasn't needed a reboot in over 6 months of daily use. We tried Android and Jell

      • Eh, most people bought touchpads in the firesale to port android to them. /. Is the ultimate hobbyist ideal, but lets get serious android is dominating. WebOS was fun, I loved it on my touchpad but without critical support for apps it is useless.

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